Timber and Hardware

SYM-PAC is designed to handle the full complexity of the timber & hardware industry — intricate discount structures, selling by the metre, lineal metre or cubic metre, easy to use account customer features for professional management of your debtors.

Earls Hardware

“What I like about the system is that it frees me up to do what I want to do. The Help Desk is awesome, but to be honest I never really need to ring them — there’s no drama, everything just works!    If you want to push the system, that depth is there — I just want to...

Costa’s Mitre 10

“In 1998 the family was looking to introduce an easy to use Point of Sale system into our stores. After extensive research into what was available on the market for the hardware industry, the best choice of providers was SYM-PAC.    We have never looked back because...

Emerald Mitre 10

“I love the SYM-PAC Point of Sale system! It’s user friendly and very easy to use.    SYM-PAC’s Inventory Management features have made a real difference to us in the store. Suggested Ordering especially speeds up the ordering process, making sure nothing is...

Kincumber Mitre 10

“We started cold 25 years ago and we have currently been using SYM-PAC for 15 years now.    We started off in an old store and turned over $150 thousand a year, now with the help of SYM-PAC, we’re turning over $10.5 million a year.    Our business was Retail up until...

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