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SYM-PAC’s Leadership Team

An introduction to our leadership team.

Glenn Watkinson

Glenn Watkinson

Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his extensive journey at Sympac since 1998, Glenn has consistently demonstrated a penchant for delivering impactful business solutions, driving customer profitability, and upholding a commitment to exceptional service and high-quality ERP solutions.

From his early days in Client Services, Glenn’s trajectory quickly propelled him into supervisory and managerial roles within the team. Embracing the opportunity to shape business solutions and facilitate their implementation, Glenn showcased his innate ability to effect positive change.

Having traversed Australia to oversee system deployments at client sites, Glenn not only ensured compliance with best practices but also became a trusted advisor, guaranteeing that customer expectations were not only met but exceeded. His dedication to solution quality was palpable, and his close collaboration with the development team yielded solutions that consistently raised the bar.

In his current capacity as CEO, Glenn spearheads the initiation of new Sympac implementations, while also spearheading the service delivery excellence of the Help Desk team, ensuring swift and effective resolutions that truly cater to customer needs. Underpinning his approach is a continuous drive to enhance team competencies, while simultaneously fostering and nurturing pivotal customer relationships.

At the core of Glenn’s mission is the optimisation of the end-user experience. With a resolute focus on delivering business solutions that drive customer profitability, he crafts solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also offer long-term strategic value. This, combined with his unyielding commitment to service excellence, reinforces Sympac’s reputation for delivering ERP solutions of unparalleled quality.

Glenn’s legacy is one of innovation, service, and profit-driving solutions – a testament to his unwavering dedication to both customer success and the continuous advancement of Sympac’s offerings.



David Gibson

David Gibson

Key Account Manager

David holds the vital position of Key Account Manager at Sympac, a leader in providing exceptional services to our valued clients. His impressive track record and strategic acumen make him an indispensable member of our leadership team, dedicated to ensuring client success and driving company growth.

In his current role as Key Account Manager at Sympac, David proactively engages with key clients to understand their needs and requirements. By expanding relationships with existing clients and engaging a broader range of stakeholders, David consistently drives client satisfaction and contributes to business growth.

David has recently completed his Master of Business Administration with Griffith University and this along with his previous experience in the big box retail environment gives him the ability to navigate the complex retail landscape making him an invaluable asset to Sympac. David continues to lead the charge in ensuring the success of our clients and the continued growth of our organization.

Matt Rice

Matt Rice

Professional Services Manager

Matt’s journey with Sympac began over two decades ago when he initially specialized as an Installer Trainer, delving into retail management systems. He then moved to pivotal roles at Blacksmith Jacks that honed his expertise in leadership and operational skills.

As Operations Manager, Matt oversaw all branch functions, ensuring compliance, streamlining processes, and fostering a respectful culture among staff. His strategic initiatives in credit control and supply chain management significantly improved financial health and operational efficiency, reflecting the values Sympac stands for.

Transitioning to Branch Manager, Matt took full responsibility for steering branch functions, achieving 100% DIFOT for gas customers, and overseeing HR, HSE, marketing, and sales operations. His hands-on experience in purchasing and IT management further enriched his skill set, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of Sympac operations and technology integration.

Now, as our Professional Services Manager, Matt leverages his extensive experience to lead our team in delivering exceptional service to clients. His multifaceted background in retail management, coupled with his unwavering dedication, ensures that every client interaction meets the highest standards of professionalism and expertise, emblematic of Sympac’s commitment to excellence.

Matt exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a strong commitment to Sympac’s values. His leadership continues to shape our approach to professional service and operational efficiency, driving meaningful impact for our clients and partners alike.

Rick Debono

Rick Debono

Research and Development Manager

Rick Debono is a seasoned business systems professional, boasting over 18 years of extensive experience in the industry. Throughout his tenure at Sympac, Rick has been instrumental in driving the success of the business across a multitude of pivotal roles, including help desk support, professional services, and software development.

In his current capacity as Research & Development Manager, Rick spearheads a dynamic software team dedicated to enhancing the core software product while also expanding our online and mobile platforms. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for innovation, Rick oversees the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients and industry standards.

Rick’s unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with his boundless energy and enthusiasm, fuels his passion for continuously improving and evolving the software and business solutions offered by Sympac. His visionary leadership and dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement play a crucial role in driving Sympac’s ongoing success and maintaining our position at the forefront of the industry.

Rob Goulter

Rob Goulter

Business Development Manager

​Originally commencing with Sympac in 2004 and returning in 2018 after 4 years away from the business Rob is a Business Development Professional who possesses the business acumen, technical and analytical skills to deliver bottom line results for our clients.

Soon after completing training as a technician with the Ambulance Service and ARMY Engineers, Rob studied Accounting then took a Small Business Management role in the Motor industry. Developing on his experience he rose through the ranks to General Management roles with Business Unit P&L responsibility of various businesses predominantly in the Motor industry.

Rob is passionate about relationship development and management of both new and existing business with a focus on efficiency gains and bottom line improvement. With a firm belief and real world experience that the Sympac solution combined with both your experience and our knowledge of best practice gained through over many years in the industry, is of major benefit to your business. He can provide extensive business systems reviews and relishes in the challenge to uncover opportunities to help streamline your operation and increase profitability.

Alison Cleary

Alison Cleary

Operational Excellence Manager

Alison assumed the pivotal role of Customer Experience Manager at Sympac in 2019, leveraging her extensive professional background marked by over a decade of adeptly steering multi-million-dollar software projects. Prior to her tenure at Sympac, she honed her leadership acumen while overseeing sizable teams within a prominent national contact center for a leading financial institution.

In addition to her impressive professional trajectory, Alison brings a multifaceted perspective to her role, balancing her career pursuits with the responsibilities of motherhood and stewardship of a small farm nestled in the picturesque locale of West Gippsland.

Now serving as Operational Excellence Manager, Alison spearheads the intricate orchestration of day-to-day operations within the Sympac team. Her mandate encompasses not only ensuring seamless operational functionality but also driving a culture of continuous enhancement and refinement across all operational facets. Through her strategic vision and adept management, Alison is instrumental in optimizing efficiencies and fostering enduring excellence within the organizational framework of Sympac.

Michael Rivera

Michael Rivera

Client Services Manager

With an outstanding career spanning over 16 years in the IT industry, Michael brings a wealth of expertise in project and delivery management, coupled with a strong focus on client and stakeholder engagement.

Throughout his tenure, Michael has demonstrated exceptional leadership in project operations and application support, showcasing his ability to effectively manage client accounts and ensure seamless delivery. His extensive experience, spanning 10 years in delivery management, underscores his commitment to excellence in communication and collaboration, essential qualities that drive success from account initiation to final delivery.

As a Microsoft Certified Professional with six years of leading support and operations of Azure cloud accounts, Michael has played a pivotal role in provisioning, hosting, and cloud deployment for O365/M365 enablement. His proficiency in ITIL Practise further bolsters his capabilities, with six years of dedicated adherence to service delivery practises, ensuring service quality, managing SLAs, and overseeing incident and problem management processes with meticulous attention to detail.

Michael’s impressive roster of certifications, including ITIL v3, Professional Scrum Master, Six Sigma Greenbelt, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Admin, along with his security clearance at the baseline level, attests to his commitment to continuous professional development and upholding the highest standards in his field.

Notably, Michael has left an indelible mark on renowned clients such as Coles Supermarkets and the Department of Defence, where he served as a project operations lead, support manager, and migration expert. His roles as application and data migration lead further underscore his proficiency in navigating complex projects with precision and expertise.

With Michael Rivera at the helm of client services, Sympac Solutions stands poised to deliver unparalleled excellence in client engagement, project delivery, and service operations. His steadfast dedication to driving success for our clients makes him an invaluable asset to our leadership team.