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Capeview Mitre 10

SYM-PAC has been able to implement their ERP software solution into our Group with a minimum amount of fuss. This is significant because we’re not only a retail business, but in fact three separate businesses — Home Building, Manufacturing and Retailing — each with their own complexities.

   I was particularly impressed with the commitment to training of our staff, who have embraced the system completely.

   Aside from the normal, minor issues that take place during an implementation of this size, I’m extremely happy so far and look forward to the advantages that SYM-PAC will bring to our Group in the future.”

Keith Donohue

Group Owner, Capeview Mitre 10

Customer Profile:

  • With SYM-PAC since 2011
  • 120 users across 8 locations
  • Wonthaggi, Leongatha, Cowes, Inverloch, Tarwin, Grantville, Vic.
  • Buying group: Mitre 10
  • In business since 1966

Why SYM-PAC is our choice:

  • SYM-PAC Dashboard
  • Management Reporting
  • SYM-PAC Auto Email feature
  • Margin Management