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“We saw a 5% increase in Gross Profit when starting with Sympac.”

“Sympac is an invaluable tool which allows increased visibility on real-time data allowing you to make accurate informed decisions, leading to improved control and results.”

Steve Pulbrook

Director/CFO, Gubbins Pulbrook Group NSW

Customer Profile:

  • With Sympac since 2019
  • 58 users, 5 locations in NSW
  • Buying group: IHG

Why Sympac is our choice:

  • Sympac’s existing long-term partnerships demonstrated in the hardware industry.
  • The easy to use point of sale system integrates seamlessly with our back office
  • EPG Builder – keeps our products and ranges up to date electronically including the latest costs from suppliers allowing us to maintain margins easily.
  • We have all of our information together in one system –  that’s a huge benefit!