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Diamond Valley Mitre 10

The SYM-PAC system has evolved with our needs over the years, and that is just great.

   The service that the help desk has given us over the years is second to none. If you need help you simply get it, and they all do the best they can to solve our questions.

   Point of Sale is simple to use and deals with timber well. Rack and Pack management of the timber, through to the customer ordering system, is seamless.”

Norm Hastings

Store Owner & Manager, Diamond Valley Mitre 10

Margin Magic is great for dealing with price changes, especially when you are dealing with the changes in a range of products. To be able to make the changes, and have a look at the potential impact on the business straight away is fantastic.

   The Auto Email and the new faxing system is great and forces you to make efficiencies within the business.”

Stephen Kocjancic

Manager Stock Control & IT, Diamond Valley Mitre 10

Customer Profile:

  • With SYM-PAC since 1995
  • 25 users across 1 location
  • Diamond Creek, Vic.
  • Buying group: Mitre 10
  • In business since 1979

Why SYM-PAC is our choice:

  • SYM-PAC’s Timber handling — racks & packs through to customer ordering is seamless
  • Margin Magic is great for dealing with price changes, especially for a range of products
  • Auto Email — the invoice is in the customer’s inbox before they even leave the store!
  • SYM-PAC’s Signature Pads integration is great for proof of purchase and has significantly reduced disputes
  • Suggested Ordering is a significant time saver