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Industrial and Construction Supplies

Sympac understands the complexity of selling, supplying & stocking the intricate blend of product being moved in the Industrial & Construction supply sector.


  • Allow your customers to order online, anytime and have their purchase order electronically generated in SAP.


  • Retain and gain more customers by offering them more efficient ordering.



  • Book out the goods now and add the order number when received.
  • Cater for customers with procedural purchasing requirements that don’t have an order number at the point of order.


  • Offer greater service by meeting customer requirements.


  • Book goods out whenever they leave, creating a delivery docket transaction in the system.
  • Release all goods to a single invoice that references each order.
  • This process ensures accurate stock on hand figures. Group invoiced items are moved out of stock and into GDNYC (Goods Delivered Not Yet Charged), pending the release of each group invoice.




  • Provide more convenience to your customers.

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