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SYM-PAC Online Solutions

Innovation from SYM-PAC to help stores take it to the next level

SYM-PAC Online Solutions

eCommerce, Our Solutions

SYM-PAC’s latest Online module allows stores to extend the power of their SYM-PAC system to achieve a practical online presence!

Functionality at multiple levels — provide convenience to Account & Trade customers, & sell online — all within your in-store SYM-PAC system.

Selling Products Online : it’s about convenience & service

  • YOU choose which products you want to offer online.
  • YOU decide on the pricing.
  • YOU determine whether you’re selling to the world — or to a selected, invite-only audience of logged-in customers.
  • Product Offers & Promotions can be made available on the Login or Landing Page.
  • Cash Sales processing available for online shoppers without accounts.
  • Auto Freight calculation.
  • Online sales are tracked using a specific salesperson ID, allowing use of all SYM-PAC’s standard powerful reporting capabilities.
  • SYM-PAC’s Online solution is mobile & tablet compatible.

Easy Account Management for customers — and you!

  • Account Balance enquiry available via SYM-PAC Online, with visibility of credit limit information available under security protocols in place.
  • Account Transaction Enquiry available, with drill down to individual product lines.
  • Account payments online available, via SecurePay, Paypal and B-Pay.
  • Account customers can reprint Invoices and Statements, including visibility of signatures as proof of purchase.
  • Make Contract Price Lists & Store Forms such as Credit Applications, Increased Credit Limit, and so on, available for download.
  • Account customers can request a quote, and follow the process through to acceptance & order fulfillment!

Combine the power & configure to your specifications :

  • The power of the SYM-PAC Online solution is that your online product data comes from your SYM-PAC system in-store.
  • One of the major benefits of SYM-PAC’s Online solution is that you are leveraging the existing functionality of product file maintenance, and flexible discount structures — already available in your in-house SYM-PAC system.

Site Hosting & Data Centre Coordination :

  • As part of SYM-PAC’s Online solution delivery, SYM-PAC coordinates your site’s hosting requirements for you.
  • Sites are hosted at a third-party, offsite, corporate data centre — providing safety & redundancy for your data and connectivity to your website.
  • Hosting is custom-assessed for each customer according to your size and needs.

SYM-PAC Online levels the playing field and puts you in the position to compete.


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