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Suggested Ordering

Automatic Order Replenishment with control, power & sophistication

Suggested Ordering

Inventory Management, Our Solutions

Using SYM-PAC’s Suggested Ordering is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your business efficiency and stock performance.

Improve your cash flow by making sure you have the *right* stock levels – without having excess stock tying up your working capital.


Save Time

  • At store level, you know how time consuming ordering can be when it’s done manually.
  • Saves stores an enormous amount of time in painlessly generating orders on time, as well as generating orders with the correct stock levels required.


Save Money

  • Saves you not only time — but also money. When you’re ordering stock efficiently, you’re not spending precious capital on overstocking the wrong product at the wrong time.
  • Full implemention of SYM-PAC Suggested Ordering will ensure that you free up capital to be used more efficiently.
  • The system will also make sure that you order ALL the stock you require — assuming that you have done your housekeeping with your inventory records.




Stop losing sales! No more walk-outs caused by gaps on shelves.

  • Significantly helps stores to reduce the overall stock holding, increase stock turns and reduce the number of ‘walk outs’ — where the product the customer wants is not on the shelf.




Bonus! — improved easy Receipting at Inwards Goods

  • Additionally, this method creates electronically stored purchase orders — making the corresponding receipting of the goods ordered a quick and simple task.


What our customers say:

My sales are up by $130,000 and my stock has dropped by $95,000. I should have done this earlier!

Gap Management is one of the most important processes in successful Suggested Ordering.

With manual ordering, we were missing products if they had their label removed.
Now they are ordered and we don’t miss out on sales!

We’re at the stage now where we quickly look at our Suggested Order and send it to the Warehouse — we have complete confidence in our Suggested Ordering system.

Our staff are now free to serve customers and maintain promotional ends.

Our Christmas stock has come in and our stock holding is still way down on last year.
We are trending in the right direction — and our storerooms have all been cleaned out!

What you can achieve in your store with SYM-PAC Suggested Ordering & Gap Management?

Use SYM-PAC Suggested Ordering together with SYM-PAC Gap Management (via PDA) to achieve the best results.


What can be achieved with full implementation:
— Balance inventory to rate of sales
— Increase sales by having the right products in stock
— Improve cash flow
— Reduce out of stocks with Gap Management
— Improve Stock Turns, SPI (Stock Productivity Index) and GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Investment)
— Manage Top 20 Products by FLC
— Set up Supplier Order Tables
— Increase staff efficiency by taking the ordering process away from staff and centralising it
— Improve store merchandising by having the right amount of stock and the space allocated for that stock
— Cut down on freight costs using order cycles, weekly, fortnightly and monthly
— Provide a better level of customer service.



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