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Inventory Intelligence

One of the most powerful inventory engines on the market

Inventory Intelligence

Inventory Management, Our Solutions

Benefit from one of the most powerful Inventory engines on the market within SYM-PAC’s Retail Management Solution.

SYM-PAC’s huge range of standard Inventory functions, plus retail intelligence tools building on your own store data, gives you a powerful edge for your merchandising.


Suggested Ordering

  • Suggest an order for Warehouse, Agency & Direct, Suppliers.
  • Add items into the TBO (To Be Ordered) system for editing and purchase order creation.
  • Sort and view suppliers to establish if suppliers minimum order values have been met.
  • Saves staff time spent on scanning products into PDAs and PDEs and possible overstocking.
  • Eliminates the need to create manual purchase orders for stock.
  • Uses Stock On Hand and Stock On Order to establish if an order is required.
  • Suggested Order quantities are based on rate of sale.
  • Suggested orders can be given to reps to review and check stock on hand.
  • Ability to set up order tables for suppliers, seasonal products (for example — watering), and for groups of products (for example — paint).

SPI Reporting

SPI = Stock Productivity Index, which is a measure of how efficiently the stock is performing.

  • Quickly identifies products that are performing poorly — for fast & accurate decisions with merchandising strategy.
  • Can be run as a summary and then drill down to specific products by various sorts, for example — by bin location.
  • Identifies products where stock on hand is too high for the rate of sale.
  • Identifies products which have a low gross profit.
  • Identifies products with low stock turns — and also those fast selling products with high stock turns.
  • Gives you the information you need — instantly — to make your stock more productive.

Stock Replenishment

  • Replaces stock sold for a given date range
  • Adds products that need to ordered into the TBO system
  • Used for new stores who may not have sales history or Min Max quantities set
  • Saves ordering time as order is suggested and added to the TBO system



Automated Min/Maxes with Overstock Reporting

  • Set Min Max for a range or ranges of criteria.
  • Set Min Max for a range of suppliers through tables.
  • Fully functional for days stock required and lead times.
  • Reduces time manually setting Min Max by each product, supplier or department.
  • Reports where there are over stocks.
  • Takes into account re-order quantities.
  • Obsoletes slow selling products.
  • Can be run in report mode so you can view what will change.
  • Combined with Suggested Ordering, this process will reduce slow selling inventory and increase better selling inventory.



Import & Export Min/Maxes

  • Export data with your selection criteria.
  • Sort data using Excel sort tools.
  • Enter in the Min Max levels.
  • Import back into SYM-PAC and changes are effected immediately.
  • Quick and efficient way to manipulate data.
  • Time saving on keying in products individually.





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