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Buy-In Products

What are they and how do you work with them?
What are Buy-In Products and how do you work with them?

SYM-PAC’s new Buy-in Products handling feature handles those situations where you have many products that you sell — but you don’t stock on the shelf.
These are usually products that you source as a one-off for a customer.


How does the SYM-PAC Buy-in feature work?

  • This concept has been created so that you can create a product record for every Non Stock Buy-in product.
  • This allows you to track these Non Stock items more closely within your system.
  • You have an additional advantage when SYM-PAC General Ledger is used — because you can cross-check the Stock Status balance with the Stock On Hand balance in the Balance Sheet.
  • When selecting the Buy-in product option during Point of Sale, SYM-PAC forces the user to acknowledge that a Buy-in is to be created. You then enter the existing Non Stock Item screen to enter the details for the product in question.
  • When the user inputs the Suppliers Alpha code and Part Number/Manufacturers code, the system will check to see if the item is known in the existing Product Master or the various EPG databases. If the product is already active, a warning occurs.
  • This prevents the inadvertent creation of a ‘random’ Buy-in product by checking to see whether the product already exists within your system.




Why is this important for my business?

  • This is important because you want accurate data in your system on sales and accurate data in your system for ordering.
  • When your data is accurate you have a clear picture for your business decision-making: for example, “Should
    we start stocking that item regularly? We’re selling these quite frequently…” and so on.
  • The sale of any Buy-in item should be represented in the correct product department, category or FLC.
  • When sales are recorded accurately, you will have better data to use when negotiating with suppliers, when preparing quotations for large account customers, and for when setting your pricing and margins.


Setting up the Master Buy-in Record is simple!

  • The Master Buy-in product record operates like a control record. When entered in Point of Sale, it causes the system to create an appropriate entry in the Product Master.
  • When processing a Buy-in product in Point of Sale, a message appears when “BI” is selected (the buy-in control record).
  • The user can now enter the description, unit cost, markup, GP% and Margin%.
  • The Selling price Inc and Ex can also be entered.
  • When the Supplier is entered, this is checked against the Supplier Name & Address table. When the Manufacturers code is entered, the system checks to see if it’s been used before.
  • When using the Product Search, Buy-in products are displayed in a different colour — easily highlighting your choices for accurate selection.
  • To ensure that there is no Stock On Hand for Buy-in products, it’s easy for staff in charge of stock control to run the Stock Status report, which highlights any irregularities.





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