SYM-PAC Online SAP Interface

Provide your customers with increased efficiency in their purchasing process

SYM-PAC Online SAP Interface

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What is the SYM-PAC Online SAP Interface?

The SYM-PAC Online SAP Interface lets your business provide your customers with increased efficiency in their purchasing process.

Capture more of your customer’s spend :

easily, seamlessly, naturally, automatically.

  • Customer uses their own SAP system.
  • Customer selects their Procurement | Purchasing | Catalogue options within the SAP system.
  • Within this module, the Customer selects to buy from you as the chosen supplier.
  • Your Customer’s contracts & discounts are automatically applied within your SYM-PAC system and displayed to the E Catalogue online.
  • The Customer ORDERS from you while remaining within their SAP system.
  • When finalised, the order is automatically recorded within the Purchasing Requisition options in the Customer’s SAP system.
  • An electronic order can be emailed to your Procurement Officer in store.
  • This ensures that all relevant customer discounts and contracts are applied seamlessly to the order.
  • You automatically receive an email generated by the SYM-PAC Online system with the Customer Purchase Order details.
  • You process this just as easily & simply as you would process any incoming purchase order.

Make it easy, smooth & seamless for the large account & trade customers to purchase from you :

  • Your largest account & trade customers who are using an SAP system internally can now order from you DIRECTLY via SAP.
  • A seamless interface between SYM-PAC Online and the SAP system allows the customer to select to purchase from SYM-PAC as the supplier — right from within their SAP system.
  • When the order is finalised and submitted, it seamlessly and automatically sends an email with the Purchase Order directly to your SYM-PAC Online system.



Your customer retains all discounts and contract pricing available to them as part of their business relationship with you.

  • You are simply making it easier for them to choose you as a supplier — because SYM-PAC has made it easy for you to be selected as part of the customer’s internal purchasing process.
  • Improve your customer service to these critically important VIP customers by making it efficient for them to order through your business.



Allow your customers to place their purchase orders 24 / 7 — whatever it is *they* need to do to be successful in their business, you are there to support them as a vital supplier with a professional level of integration and service that builds your business and theirs every time.

SYM-PAC Online levels the playing field and puts you in the position to compete.


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