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One of the most powerful tools we've built for retailers

SYM-PAC Margin Magic

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SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic module is one of the most powerful tools we’ve ever built to help retailers apply the magic to their margins.

Margin Magic gives you the power of a spreadsheet built directly into your system — reacting to your data — live!

Select from a huge range of criteria options

  • Decide what you’re going to work with — selecting from a huge range of criteria options — and then what you’re going to do with it.

Powerful access to researching your own “what if?” scenarios

  • Examine “what if” scenarios — and immediately update your inventory pricing, right through to queueing updated shelf labels ready to print.
  • Create your own custom Worksheet — adjust the rounding, or markups, or margin percentages — apply the adjustment you choose — and see the dollar results on-screen right away, so you can immediately decide if the “what if” is worth doing.

Advanced spreadsheet skills are not required

  • No need for advanced skills in Excel spreadsheets and mathematical formulas for calculating price changes.
  • The possibilities are endless for improving your pricing, and as a result, improving your sales results across your store.

 Easy access to your own data for everyday ‘live’ analysis

  • Make the analysis part of your day job: run SYM-PAC Margin Magic during trading hours! When you’re happy with your changes, and all is checked and OK’d, simply send the updated prices to the Managers Label Queue.
  • Take your time printing the new price labels — only update the prices in the system when you’re ready to sell at Point of Sale with your new prices.

The Magic of Rounding …

For example, create a new Worksheet for Dept 001 (Hardware).
All the details for each product can be accessed at this point.
Products in the Worksheet can be sorted by
— GP%,
— markup,
— Buy Price,
— Sales
… and dozens of other criteria stored in SYM-PAC for each product.



The Magic of Margin Adjustment …

As an example, take all products in a department under $10 sell price, and increase their price by 15%.
— Proposed changed prices are listed in a different colour after the adjustment is applied.
— Individual products can be selected to include or discludein the operation.

For another example, for all items with a price of $10 or less, recalculate their sell price using a markup of 75%.

Now with Margin Presets!

We’re helping retailers to apply some science to their margins at the press of a button… SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic now includes Margin Presets.

See our latest enhancements for Margin Magic, here:

Watch now on SYM-PAC’s YouTube channel

Watch our range of learning videos about SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic now, including the new feature, Margin Presets:

SYM-PAC on YouTube



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