Faulty Goods & Claims

Easy tracking for returns to suppliers

Faulty Goods & Claims

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Tracking returns from customers can be time consuming + costly.

SYM-PAC’s Faulty Goods + Claims module lets you easily provide the necessary information back to the supplier quickly & instantly — via email & PDFs.

  • Collect and manage the returns process effectively — as part of how you do business — taking up best business practice as built into SYM-PAC’s process.


Stop losing claims!

They represent *your* money!


  • SYM-PAC’s Faulty Goods & Claims system is designed for use wherever the retailer is dealing directly with suppliers.
  • The Faulty Goods are treated individually, on a product by product basis.
  • Where a claim is required, it is for a ‘single’ product code, as well as multiples of that code if required.


Claims integrated within General Ledger

  • The system is uniquely configured so that journals to the General Ledger module will be created appropriately based upon the options selected within the administrator settings at startup.
  • Items can be marked as faulty in two ways — either by using the Faulty Goods & Claims system to mark the item, or alternatively at Point of Sale where returned items are marked as faulty.




  • Once goods have been flagged as faulty, they should be held in a ‘quarantined’ area so that they are not inadvertently counted in a stocktake. Where a store is operating with Faulty Goods control, they can use the General Ledger and the Faulty Goods report to indicate the Asset is still under their control.
  • SYM-PAC users have always been able to flag items returned from customers as faulty. However, when the Faulty Goods & Claims module is activated, the POS system will add the data to the Faulty Goods system rather than Stock on Hand.
  • You can opt to use the claim to “short pay” your creditor for future payments.




  • Marking the goods as faulty updates the Stock, moves the item to the Faulty Goods area, and updates the General Ledger to reflect this.
  • Photos can be taken of the faulty item, simply copied to the Windows desktop — and then ‘drag and dropped’ onto the form when inserting via the Faulty Goods system.




  • Printing of the Supplier Return Documentation or Claim is easy + fast. Text on the claim can be edited to suit as required, and can be printed either with or without prices.
  • Outstanding Claims can be viewed easily at any time with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Various Faulty Goods can be batched together to form one Claim — the method to be used for return to a Buying Group Warehouse.
  • When the supplier has issued an adjustment note, simply match the claim when processing it.


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Faulty Goods & Claims

Tracking returns from customers can be time consuming + costly....
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