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Proforma Invoicing

Cater for all those account customers who *must* have an order number - but don't!
SYM-PAC Proforma Invoicing — cater for those account customers who MUSThave an order number for their purchases — but don’t!

Caters for account customers with procedural purchasing requirements

  • You know the customers we’re talking about:
    — local councils
    — schools
    — maintenance contractors,
    and so on.
  • They’re in a hurry to get their job done, and they have to have their goods NOW — but they have no order number!
  • These customers have their own procedural requirements that require an order number or reference for every purchase.
  • And it’s in your interest to work with their requirements — because that’s the process that authorises your payment!




Step in, SYM-PAC Proforma Invoicing

  • SYM-PAC helps you to make it easy for these customers, by allowing you to invoice on “Proforma,” so that:
    — you can issue a Proforma Invoice
    — the customer can get the items they need
    — when you have the official order number, the invoice can be released for payment




Keeping your stock tidy

  • SYM-PAC’s Proforma Invoicing is designed to keep things tidy — when the items are taken, stock is reduced and stock transactions are updated accordingly.
  • This keeps your Stock On Hand accurate, and ensures that your ordering processes, such as Suggested Ordering, will continue to be based on accurate stock numbers.
  • The General Ledger will also show a debit to GDNYC (Goods Delivered Not Yet Charged), and a credit to Stock On Hand, for the cost of the stock taken.





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