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Consignment Stock

Caters for pricing stock onsite at customer locations

If you issue consignment stock to customers — your business process is fully supported within SYM-PAC.

Designed specifically for the industrial and construction supply industry — to cater for the common practice of placing stock onsite at customer locations.

Wherever your stock is, you have a handle on it

  • Wherever you have Consignment Stock located…
    — In a lockable cupboard at your customer’s workshop
    — At a customer’s site office in a remote location
    — and so on!
  • Your rep can visit the site, stocktake the Consignment Stock, issue an invoice to the customer, and refill!




All SYM-PAC Stock functionality at your fingertips

  • Easily search and identify your Consignment customers at Point of Sale

Using SYM-PAC’s “Bill To” functionality

  • Consignment Location accounts operate using SYM-PAC’s “Bill To” functionality, allowing the Consignment Location account to be billed back to the main Customer Account, ensuring that associated details of the branch or location are linked so that specific sales details can be tracked accordingly.




Tracking stock movement between each stock location

  • The purpose of processing Consignment Stock is to track the stock movement between each stock location.
  • The Consignment Stock location will have a stock holding and sales value associated with it.
  • SYM-PAC’s sales tracking component will allow you to report on the profitability of the consignment to your business so that you can track its worth.




Consignment Transfer

  • The Consignment Transfer process allows users to create a Transfer Request for the stock required to be transferred to the Consignment Location.
  • This process automatically generates a Customer Order for the account. The user only needs to print a Picking Slip, or lets the data be released via “Batch Release Mode.”

Consignment Stock Replenishment

  • To keep on top of Stock Replenishment, the process is as simple as using SYM-PAC’s Suggested Ordering functionality. Select the locations you need, and run the Suggested Order report direct to the Consignment Location account as required.




All SYM-PAC Stock functionality at your fingertips

  • After all the desired Consignment Stock Locations are set up — the FULL range of SYM-PAC reports and functionality are available for the Consignment Stock Location account.



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