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SYM-PAC Mighty Rewards Integration


SYM-PAC provides full integration with the Mitre 10 Mighty Rewards program! Another seamless integration from SYM-PAC to make your life easier and help you look after your customers.

Mitre 10 stores who are SYM-PAC users can now benefit from SYM-PAC’s integration with Mitre 10’s Mighty Rewards store loyalty program!

All of the usual benefits of rewarding your customers for their loyalty — the focus on discounting is reduced & customers have more reasons to come back to your store!



Setting up the Mitre 10 Mighty Rewards integration with SYM-PAC is easy!

• Processing sales is as simple as scanning the Mighty Rewards card at Point of Sale. A new tender type is created in your system called “Mighty Rewards”.

• If the store is using SYM-PAC’s General Ledger, a new General Ledger code is inserted to record the Mighty Rewards tender type.

• View the value of redeemed Mighty Rewards points as an expense in your General Ledger, with SYM-PAC General Ledger integration.


Add a Mighty Rewards Card for an existing account customer.

Adding a new Mighty Rewards card will create an account.


Customer Sign Up at Back Office:

Sign up new users without the need to process a sale via Point of Sale.











Mighty Rewards Promotions:

In SYM-PAC you can define promotions as specifically for Mighty Rewards customers.




Mighty Rewards Exclusive Pricing Labels:

Just select the Mighty Exclusive labels required, and SYM-PAC will print:


  • The Retail Price
  • The Mighty Rewards Price
  • and the customer savings!
Mighty Rewards customers can also be flagged within SYM-PAC’s Customer/Debtors system, so that you know which customers are reaping the benefits of their Mighty Rewards card.

Mighty Rewards card balances can be checked either within the customer’s account, or by scanning the card in SYM-PAC’s Point of Sale while scanning products during a sale.

A request immediately goes out to the Mighty Rewards system requesting the points balance, which is then shown on screen.
If for any reason the connection to the Mighty Rewards system is lost, the transaction is stored to be sent again when the system is active. Users are alerted to this with a clear alert message letting you know what’s going on.

Quick and easy remote installation at your convenience!

Our strength is in how we make you strong — our business is built on growing your business, your efficiency, your profits.



To find out how SYM-PAC can work for your business, contact us on 1800 796 722.

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