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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management through SYM-PAC

 Within a retail environment, using a CRM system can help you to keep track of your store’s procedures for knowing your customers — in the ‘olden days’, this would have been the information in the heads of the store owners, manager and staff!

 These days, the complexity & quantity of information means you need to rely on a system to help:

  • Keeping your customer details and preferences updated & accessible
  • Knowing what they come in to buy & making sure you have the products they need
  • Providing them with special offers or promotions for items they’re interested in
  • Selling to trade accounts on contract with special prices & discounts that only apply to them
  • Rewarding your customers for shopping with you by providing them with a loyalty program that keeps them shopping to earn more rewards!

CRM through SYM-PAC

Building Customer Relationships

Easy access to customer details

  • SYM-PAC allows staff easy access to customer details — like name, address, delivery preferences, contact details, email addresses, and so on.
  • Appropriate levels of access are easily setup & maintained with SYM-PAC’s Debtors & Customer Management functionality.
  • Provide custom pricelists and contracts for your trade account customers, and automatically have these apply at Point of Sale.

Loyalty rewards program

  • SYM-PAC has its own built-in Loyalty module which provides a wide range of options to setup & implement loyalty rewards for your customers.
  •  In addition to this, SYM-PAC integrates with a number of buying group loyalty programs, allowing you to seamlessly use your buying group offerings within your SYM-PAC system.

Tracking contacts, prospects & customers

  • Retailers can easily see the logic of tracking customer sales — but need to go further. Wherever trade accounts are established, this is the area you want to measure and grow.
  •  SYM-PAC allows you to easily manage growth of your trade business, and to develop your own list of prospective trade accounts — including contact details, sales notes & reminders.

CRM through SYM-PAC

Servicing Customers

Right product, right price, right time

  • Use all of SYM-PAC’s advanced Inventory functions to keep your stock in control & performing at its best.
  • Standard features of SYM-PAC’s Inventory include:
    — Sales forecasts & analysis
    — Gap management
    — Purchasing automation & management

Invoices & statements

  • SYM-PAC provides you with a wide range of templates, or your choice of custom design, for your business invoices & statements — making sure your documents are as professional as your face to face customer service.

Measurement & analysis

  • Export your data easily to analyse and explore your results in more depth — and combine actual results with your own insight to assess what’s working well & what needs to change.

SYM-PAC eCommunications

  • Use SYM-PAC to issue the invoice for the transaction — and then send it to the customer via:
    — email
    — fax
    — SMS
    — print!

CRM through SYM-PAC

Building Customer Relationships

Promotions & marketing

  • Make your promotions work harder by communicating regularly with your customers!
  • Add emails, SMSs, printed letters & faxes to your regular merchandising activities — with SYM-PAC’s built-in eComms features.

Recording sales

  • Via SYM-PAC’s famous *fast* Point of Sale, know that each transaction is recorded accurately, including all details for account sales, promotional products, loyalty points accrued & redeemed — no double-handling!

Capturing data

  • All transactions are captured seamlessly within SYM-PAC — and your data is easy to access via a huge range of reports available at your fingertips.

Customer groups

  • Everyone is an individual — and so are your customers! With SYM-PAC, you can easily customise & personalise what you offer your customers by deciding on groups or categories of customers.
  • For example,
    — builders
    — local councils
    — schools
    — maintenance contractors
    — farmers & rural,
    and so on.



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