SYM-PAC Solutions – established in 1991 we have over 25 years as a leading provider of innovative Business Software Solutions for the timber and hardware industry, industrial and construction suppliers, electrical appliance & furniture retailers, tool retailers, the rural sector and many other buying groups and independent retailers across a wide range of industries.

As part of Constellation Software via its operating group Vela Software Group (Australia), SYM-PAC Solutions benefits from a strong corporate platform, international support and continues to operate with the same small company responsiveness.




Abbott Supply

“Through re-jigging our customer pricing structure, simply and quickly, we have improved our GP percentage by 1-2%. “Wish we had installed SYM-PAC years before we did.” With SYM-PAC since Feb. '17 27 users at 1 location Bendigo, Vic. Buying groups: HBT, ITT...

Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware

“We chose SYM-PAC in 1999 — they have looked after us for a long time now. They’re always there for us — we feel a very strong bond with them.” With SYM-PAC since 1999 26 users across 2 locations Beaconsfield & Drouin, Vic. Buying group: IHG Home Timber &...


“SYM-PAC is actually very easy to use, and can be adapted to any business at any level.    We’re after constant and continual improvement, and we’ve made our use of SYM-PAC a built-in part of our daily operations.    SYM-PAC’s TBO (To Be Ordered) system is the best...

SYM-PAC’s new features : Bank Reconciliation “Save Progress”

Bank Reconciliation has now had a "Save Progress" feature added. This allows the user to partially reconcile the Bank Reconciliation and save their progress. When they then return and Load the Bank Reconciliation it will be returned to the previous status. It will not...

SYM-PAC’s new features : for Margin Magic

SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic module is one of the most powerful tools we’ve ever built to help retailers apply a little science to their margins at the press of a button. To make sure that our users get the greatest benefits from using this module, we've recently...

SYM-PAC feature : Creditor Payment Discount Amortisation

A new option has been added to allow the amortisation of any positive discount amount that has not been allocated to invoices being paid. When entering and allocating a creditor payment you receive a warning if the discount amount you have entered has not been...

Our strength is in how we make you strong — our business is built on growing your business, your efficiency, your profits.



To find out how SYM-PAC can work for your business, contact us on 1800 796 722.

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