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Welcome Bolts Galore to the Sympac Family!

At the recommendation of staff who have seen the process efficiencies and margin control of Sympac in prior companies, the team decided to implement the system in the stores at Carrum Downs and Pakenham. The team took to the Sympac very well finding it to be a big improvement.


Some of the Sympac functions that impressed;

– Sympac EPG builder facilitating up to date supplier pricing and improving margin.

– Easy to use customer discount structures with margin protection.

– Being able to send marketing material from Sympac

– Bank integration and Creditor payment system.


“Thank you Sympac for supplying us with a fantastic software package that is easy to use, fast and efficient. 

Thanks also to Randall who was my trainer and was very patient and explained everything in detail so it was easy to understand. 

I love how Payroll is also integrated within the system, saving us money on not having to use a separate payroll package. 

I know the staff on the counter sales are also finding the POS system so easy to use and very efficient, which is also integrated within the software!” Chris Fakos


We are so excited to help Bolts Galore take the next step in functionality and efficiency and most importantly their bottom line!