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Request Assistance from inside the SYM-PAC system

SYM-PAC How To : We appreciate your time is valuable!

We appreciate your time is valuable!

In order to streamline the process of requesting assistance from SYM-PAC, we’ve introduced the ability to log a remote support request directly from the SYM-PAC Software.

This process will allow you to log a support request directly from the SYM-PAC Desktop.  The request is then communicated directly to our Support software, and you’ll receive confirmation of your request via email.

In order to complete this process simply select the Request assistance button directly from the SYM-PAC Main menu a shown below:


How to : Request assistance from inside the SYM-PAC system


When doing so the below screen will be displayed for you to complete for you to complete.


How to : Request assistance from inside the SYM-PAC system


Get as much background info as you can

To get the most efficient turnaround for your support request, it’s important that you describe the exact details of your question and attach as many details, reports, screenshots as you are able to so as that the Client Services Team member can achieve a rapid and accurate result for you.

It also allows the Client Services Team the time to review your support calls in greater detail, with all of the information at hand, to get to a timely resolution — or make a simple request back to you to get any final pieces of the puzzle in a timely manner as needed.


Get on with your day!

Using this new feature will allow you to get on with your day, and streamline the process of resolution for your business without the need to be on the phone to the Client Services Team for any extended period of time.

During trialling this new feature over past months, we’ve found that this process is working very well with many clients to obtain rapid results and significantly reduced wait times on questions and issues being raised.

Give it a go today!


For more information on using the Request Assistance feature from within your SYM-PAC system, or any of our other products, contact Client Services on 1300 361 732.



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