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SYM-PAC : our Milestones for 2018

Acknowledging a fantastic year

We wanted to share our Milestones as a business with our community this year, to put a stake in the ground and really acknowledge what has been achieved.

Mark Schmutter, Glenn Watkinson, Luke Gilbert, Rick Debono & Nick Martens

SYM-PAC Milestones for 2018 :

from the CEO

Here are some numbers:

  • 140 new customers, including:
    — Close to 90 new Betta Home Living Stores installed and on board
    —  More than 40 new Timber & Hardware / Industrial Supplies Stores have joined our user community
  • 335 Installations of Software, Services, Hardware throughout 2018
  • 9 new staff


Looking back over 2018

2018 has been a fantastic year of growth for SYM-PAC Solutions — not just in terms of customers, but also for our staff and our culture.

A number of new initiatives have been commenced this year that we will see continue over into 2019 — such as:

  • The introduction of knowledge sharing and collaboration software to improve our internal efficiencies.
  • New internal programs to encourage innovation, learning and professional development.
  • Better structure to allow all staff to contribute to their maximum potential — leading to exciting releasable developments in the software that we’ll see come to fruition in 2019.
  • We’ve also commenced our internal migration to the Autotask software which will help us to provide even better and more responsive service in the years to come.


From everyone at SYM-PAC Solutions we’d like to thank you for your choosing us as your business partner and for being a major part of our success.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas along with a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Client Services

— 2018 the year that was!

The Client Services team has seen some big changes in 2018 with the introduction of new staff and improved service standards.

New Client Services Team Leaders 2018

With long-standing contributors Rob and Dale stepping up into new Team Leader roles, we’ve seen a significant reduction in outstanding calls over the past year. This is a credit to their dedication to delivering service standards that surpass our competitors!

Client Services team expansion 2018

Ivy and Amit have been welcomed into the team and have been ever-improving contributors to service levels amongst the team. Ivy is in the role of our “triage first responder” to make sure that your calls are directed quickly to the most appropriate resource. This change has led to a dramatic increase in same day resolutions along with improved service standards.

Amit continues to build his product knowledge, and is a valuable part of the service delivery team, and we look forward to harnessing his knowledge and skillset moving into the future.


Service delivery improvements

2018 has seen a dramatic decrease in outstanding calls, along with a significant increase in same-day resolution and reduced overall resolution times. Our inbound wait times are at an all-time low — allowing you to get back to your business and customers as quickly as possible.

The year ahead for Client Services in 2019

The year ahead will see the introduction of a new service delivery system in SYM-PAC — Autotask. The Autotask platform allows us to build a portal to review your calls, advise us quickly and efficiently of changes, and log your service requests electronically either via the service portal, email as well as the continued use of the remote logging services.

This platform is an industry leader in assisting businesses to deliver further improvements to the standards of service they deliver.  We’re looking forward to these changes, and confident you’ll see continuously improving service levels and standards into 2019 and beyond.

R&D team

— the year in review for 2018

There have been big and exciting changes for SYM-PAC’s R&D team during 2018.

Long-time, experienced SYM-PAC developers Rick and Nick have stepped up as joint R&D Team Leaders, bringing a fresh approach and new ideas to being practically innovative about new ways we can build and deliver the solutions our clients need.

Behind the scenes, the team has been ramping up for a number of initiatives to be delivered in 2019. We’ve expanded our capacity with Kunal and Dave D. joining in Developer roles, and welcoming Aditi coming on board in a fulltime QA position. The New Year will additionally see Oscar moving internally from Client Services into a Developer role with R&D.

The Road Ahead

A number of exciting initiatives will be brought to market throughout 2019 including:

  • Mobile based solutions
  • Payment integrations
  • Back office efficiencies
  • CRM improvements

Some of the existing SYM-PAC modules have also been given a refresh with Faulty Goods & Claims, and the General Ledger overhauls being delivered early 2019.

Professional Services

— 2018 wrap up!

Professional Services team expansion 2018

In 2018 our Professional Services team have welcomed Calvin to the group.  Calvin brings more than 16 years of experience in the Industrial and Bearings industry, along with a vast amount of system and processing knowledge.  Calvin has proven to be an outstanding contributor in systems, data and business analysis.  Calvin will continue to grow and many of you who invest in training, operational review and consulting services will see him in your stores in 2019.

Hannah has also joined us in a behind the scenes support role covering both Client Services and Professional Services, helping both these teams with all the organising and arrangements that are needed so we can be in the right place at the right time!

More than 330 installation deliveries during 2018

Randall and George, our seasoned veterans have seen many new businesses installed over 2018 along with a great deal of consulting, training, operational review analysis and business reviews completed.

What this means on the ground is a dramatic improvement for the businesses they have worked with in 2018. These improvements include:

  • Overall decreases in store processing overheads
  • Improved efficiencies for store operations
  • Increased GP for the customer’s business

Randall and George continue to pass on their considerable years of knowledge and experience to all aspects of our business and will continue to add value to yours.


The year ahead Professional Services 2019

2019 will see the introduction of greater online services delivered by the Professional Services team, including:

  • Ask the Expert On-Line Sessions
  • Online Video content systems
  • Remote Training via Online services
  • Increased Business Health Checks and System review


We encourage you to continue to engage the Professional Services team and use all the services we are here to offer your business and drive your overall business performance up.

Sales team

— opportunity everywhere in 2018

2018 has been a solid year for our growing business. From a Sales perspective, the marketplace is rich with curious businesses that are challenging themselves to be the best they can be. We’ve seen a noticeable increase in appreciation for the solutions SYM-PAC has created.

We’ve expanded our Sales team with Luke and Rob coming on board and joining Nicky to engage with the fresh appetite from our current and prospective client community. How YOU effectively want to do business today is inspiring change in us and in turn, we pioneer some of that change for you as we continually strive to be the best software solutions service provider in your industry.

We’ve welcomed many new customers to our SYM-PAC community this year, ranging from micro operations to large, multi store sites. This reinforces the flexibility and benefits that independent retail supply businesses in can get from SYM-PAC.

From delivering two user systems to installing 60 user systems — most importantly — we have treated those clients equally as we nurture them during the introduction of SYM-PAC into their business, and ensure them a strong return on their investment.

To better service our community, we’ve created territories nationally, which has resulted in a more engaged sales experience while giving us better coverage to get to all regions who want to speak with us.

Feedback from our clients has been great! We’ve been blessed with fantastic new Case Studies and testimonials from our user community.

We’ve also invested in our feet being on the ground at seven industry conferences throughout the year — supporting our client groups and industries with a real presence that indicates our commitment to the strong relationships we have in these areas.

These conferences and trade events have seen us building many genuine relationships, friendships and partnerships over the years — an added bonus to our already satisfying role, and the prime reason we love attending these events.

2019 promises to eclipse 2018 in terms of potential. There is a lot going on here and we can’t wait to share this with you throughout the New Year.


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