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Add intuitive Business Intelligence & Financial Reporting to your Sympac solution


We have partnered with Phocas to add data analytics and financial reporting into your Sympac system. This additional functionality can help you better understand what is important to your business.

To watch the webinars, please see the two links below to discover how you can benefit from these Phocas add ons.

Data Analytics

Gain insight into the data that drives your decision making. We are working with Phocas to add data analytics to your Sympac system – helping you better understand what’s important to your business.

See the button below and have a watch! (31 min run time)

Financial Reporting

Timely, accurate, and accessible financial reporting, budgeting + forecasting is here. Along with Phocas’ data analytics, we are adding financial reporting into your Sympac System. Explore the future of financial reporting and see how decision-making improves with one true source of accurate financial data.

Press the button below to watch now! (39 min run time)

If you’re interested in these new Phocas features, email to learn more.