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With such a great response to the first round, we have decided to make the Master Class offering a permanent fixture.

Structured one on one development training programs tailored to you designed to improve performance, efficiency and profitability.

“The Master Class Health Check was very beneficial for understanding all of the ins and outs of the business. It shows everything in black and white, picking up on various factors we may have not noticed. It’s such a good tool to start setting business goals!” – Stephen from Diamond Valley Mitre 10

See all the Master Class details listed below, then hit ‘Email Us’ to reserve your spot!

Inventory Master Class

3 Hours with Q+A Session

  • Price List Management
  • Extended Price List under monitoring  GP Performance
  • Comparison Report to increase Margins Strategically
  • EPG Builder
  • Managers Label Queue
  • Retail Price Rounding
  • Margin Magic Quick Rules (this tool may be new to you)

2 Hours with Q+A Session

  • Discount Structures X Customer Group x Dept
  • Discount Structures X Customer Group x FLC
  • Contracts Customer, Global , Fixed Price RRP Less and Cost Plus understanding the Cost Used to Calculate the Cost Plus Price
  • Max Discounts, Benchmark items
  • Margin Level Discounts (this tool may be new to you)
  • Do you need to discount Home Brand Products?

From *4 Hours with Q+A Session

  • Setting Min Max stock levels
  • Suggested Ordering
  • Supplier Order Tables
  • Dead Stock Reporting, to Excel
  • SPI Reporting by Dept x FLC
  • Top Products Report By Department
  • Understanding the Product History Tab
    *Tailored to your needs, 4 hours minimum

2 Hours with Q+A Session

  • End of Day Reports
  • New Lines Report
  • Margin Exception Report
  • Reason Code Reporting
  • Monthly Store Performance Report
  • Business Unit Reporting and Set Up

6 Hours – Comprehensive Report 

A formal review of the use of your system with a comprehensive report submitted back to your business to show you the Health of your business and the health of the overall use of the Sympac product within your business.  The below are some areas that will be reviewed and reported back to you.

From this point Sympac can assist to build a staged approach training program to help improve any areas of concern to drive margin and maximise productivity.

  • Annual Sales
  • Annual GP % with Annual GP $
  • Stock on Hand Trends
  • Stock on Hand and Negative Stock analysis
  • Dead Stock Review
  • Stock Turn Review
  • Discount Structures
  • Rounding Riles
  • Contract Pricing
  • Comparison Reporting
  • Department and FLC Markups
  • Manager Queue
  • EOD Reporting Overview and GP Review
  • Target and Current SPI
  • Margin Magic Usage
  • Table Magic Usage
  • Customer Document Reportage
  • Extended price List review GP %
  • New products Added
  • Actual Vs Desired Mark-up review
  • Suggested Ordering Review
  • Min / Max Stock Use
  • Efficiency and Margin Growth

Back Office Master Class

4 Hours with Q+A  

  • General Ledger Set up
  • Expenses, Income, Assets, Liabilities & Equity
  • General Ledger account Types
  • Control File Maintenance
  • Control Accounts
  • Auto Journal linking – Sales journals by Day or by Department
  • Auto Journal linking – Receipt journals by Tender Type
  • Auto Journal linking – Bank deposits
  • Auto Journal linking – Cash outs
  • Auto Journal linking – Goods In & Goods received not yet charged
  • Auto Journal linking – Stock adjustments
  • Auto Journal linking – Goods In Transit
  • Creditor to General Ledger linking
  • When transactions post to the General Ledger

4 Hours with Q+A  

  • Aged debtors & customer dockets to General Ledger
  • Creditors Trial Balance to General Ledger
  • Store sales to General Ledger
  • Store COGS to General Ledger
  • Stock to General Ledger
  • GST Collected to General Ledger
  • GST Paid to General Ledger
  • GST General Ledger Cash Receipts & Cash Payments

2 Hours with Q+A  

  • File Maintenance – Insert / Alter /Delete
  • Transaction Enquiry
  • Transaction Listing
  • Manual Journals
  • Profit & Loss reporting – by location & consolidated
  • Yearly analysis reporting
  • Balance sheet reporting
  • General Ledger Budget entry
  • General Ledger Budget reporting

2 Hours with Q+A  

  • Viewing Bank Reconciliation report
  • Understanding the Bank Reconciliation report
  • Reconciling matched entries
  • Re-instating reconciled entries
  • Printing reconciled entries
  • Clearing reconciled entries

2 Hours with Q+A  

  • Creditor maintenance Insert / Alter
  • Creditor Financials set up
  • Creditor Ordering & deliveries set up
  • Creditor Flags & History
  • Creditor Auto contacts
  • Creditor Invoice entry – Expense
  • Creditor Invoice Input – Link to goods in deliveries
  • Creditor adjustment note entry – Expense & Stock return
  • Creditor Release / Hold functions
  • Creditor Transaction enquiry – Active & Non active – General Ledger postings – Document Enquiry
  • Company Bank details
  • Creditor reporting – Creditor Aged Trial Balance – Transaction Listing – Cash requirements – Manual remittance advice
  • Creditor reconciliation
  • Creditor Payments – Manual payment – Batch Payment Electronic File Transfer
  • Creditors Prompt Payment

1 Hour with Q+A

  • Debtor maintenance Insert / Alter
  • Debtor Invoicing
  • Debtor receipts
  • Debtor discounting – Contract pricing – Group discounting
  • Debtor Statements
  • Aged Debtor reporting

90 Minute with Q+A  

  • Sympac – GST Reporting understanding the data
  • Sympac – GST Purchases
  • Sympac – GST Sales
  • Sympac – GST General Ledger
  • Sympac – GST BAS Report
  • Sympac – GST BAS Report Balancing

3 Hours Survey with Q+A

  • Review of General Ledger processes
  • Review of Creditor processes
  • Review of Debtor processes
  • Tailored Recommendations for General Ledger & Creditor processes / Debtors Processing.

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