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Timber and Hardware


SYM-PAC is designed to handle the full complexity of the timber & hardware industry — intricate discount structures, selling by the metre, lineal metre or cubic metre, easy to use account customer features for professional management of your debtors… Also, we call timber, “timber”!

Industry specific solutions:


  • Easily buy and sell timber by lineal metre squared (m2)
  • Tally timber lengths and quantities in Point of Sale
  • View and sell packs from Point of Sale


    • Handle pricing, discounts, catalogues, and contracts
    • Flexible discounts for debtor or cash customers



      • Efficiently and effectively manage customer billing and receipts
      • A wide variety of invoice and statement layouts are available to suit your needs
      • Full customer transaction and document history


        • Reduce costs in tracking and over-ordering timber stock


        • Reduce time spent managing discounts for customers manually


        • Improve cash flow and stay on top of debtor accounts

        Our strength is in how we make you strong — our business is built on growing your business, your efficiency, your profits.

        To find out how SYM-PAC can work for your business, contact us on 1800 796 722.

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