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Electrical Appliances

SYM-PAC have years of experience working with electrical appliances businesses on an individual store, corporate and buying group level and we understand their needs and requirements.


  • Quickly search for an invoice with a serial number
  • Flag individual products for serial number tracking
  • Allocate multiple serial numbers to one product line


  • Reduce time spent searching for old invoices


  • Track and report on a variety of supplier rebate situations within your business
  • Including payment methods and frequency -monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Fully flexibility: set rebates supplier-wide or against individual products


  • Ensure that you get the exact rebates you are owed from suppliers


  • Easily lodge, track and send suppliers detailed claims information via email and PDF
  • Marking the goods as faulty updates the Stock, moves the item to the Faulty Goods area, and updates the General Ledger to reflect this
  • Photos can be taken of the faulty item, simply copied to the Windows desktop — and then ‘drag and dropped’ onto the form when inserting via the Faulty Goods system


  • Reduce the cost from manual handling of claims within your business

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