SYM-PAC Timber Handling


"We love how SYM-PAC handles timber!"

Consistent feedback from all SYM-PAC users who sell Timber: we love how SYM-PAC handles timber!

SYM-PAC is designed with timber in mind throughout all aspects of the software — it is not tacked on as an afterthought.

All photos here are from SYM-PAC customer timber yards — we understand timber & we make it easy for you to manage stocking, selling & ordering timber.

SYM-PAC Timber Handling

Timber handling in Point of Sale

  • Tally Lines in Point of Sale for all timber products.
  • Ability to view Timber Stock on Hand and On Order by drilling down in Point of Sale. 
  • Ability to view pack stock and select a pack to sell in Point of Sale. 
  • Ability to add surcharges for longer lengths.
  • Ability to split from pack to rack.
  • Ability to Buy and Sell Timber products with a variety of options.

SYM-PAC Timber Handling

Selling & buying Timber in SYM-PAC

  • Buy and sell by Lineal Metre
  • Buy and sell by Square Metre (M2)
  • Buy and sell by Cubic Metre (M3)
  • Buy in Lineal Metres, sell in pieces
  • Buy Square Metres, sell by the sheet
  • Buy Cubic Metres, sell by lineal metre

SYM-PAC Timber Handling

View Timber Stock on Hand by Stick or by Pack

  • SYM-PAC’s Point of Sale allows for timber product information to be viewed — such as Stock On Hand by stick or by Pack.
  • You have the ability to select what you want — for example, if a pack is available you can select it and SYM-PAC will add it straight into Point of Sale.

Add Surcharges easily to your timber products

  • The SYM-PAC system allows you to add up to ten surcharges by either a percentage or dollar amount per metre, or a fixed dollar amount.
  • This means you can keep all your stock of a particular timber on one product/item, and have Point of Sale automatically determine the additional surcharges based on length — saving your staff having to make decisions and/or choose different products at the register. 

SYM-PAC Timber Handling

Split your pack & rack it fast

  • SYM-PAC allows you to easily split a pack and put in the rack with a click of a buttonthere is no manual keying to be done. 

Superior Timber Tally function

  • Ordering shows the supplier the tally of what you need in order of size by product for example:
    — 120/2.4    — 80/2.7
    — 180/3.0    — 72/4.8
  • This also is available for M2 Products and M3 Products.

Timber Stock Receipt

  • Receiving of stock gives you the opportunity to Insert packs into the system with pack numbers and tallies
  • Coupled with stock reporting by pack, this gives you accurate and user friendly reporting.



SYM-PAC Timber Handling: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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