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Our Case Studies


Every day, SYM-PAC is used by hundreds of stores across Australia, with thousands of individual users getting their jobs done with a SYM-PAC system. Explore just some of our client stories here.

Timber & Hardware Case Studies

SYM-PAC is designed to handle the full complexity of the timber & hardware industry — intricate discount structures, selling by the metre, lineal metre or cubic metre, easy to use account customer features for professional management of your debtors… Also, we call timber, “timber”!

Industrial & Construction Case Studies

SYM-PAC understands the complexity of selling, supplying & stocking the intricate blend of product being moved in the Industrial & Construction supply sector.

Rural Case Studies

SYM-PAC’s experience stretches to cover the rural sector, bringing sophisticated but easy to use ways to support your delivery of professional service to your rural customers.

Multi Store Case Studies

2 stores — 20 stores — 200 stores — or more!
Manage your empire with SYM-PAC Multi Store.