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Inventory Management

Inventory Management, Our Solutions

A complete Stock History on every item sold can be retained.

Easily identify stock movement trends so that you can act quickly to minimise dead stock.


Forward Pricing

  • Forward pricing to ensure that new prices are taken into account when appropriate, and allows you to pre-set increases in cost and retail — and is updated as part of the End of Day



Multiple Pricing Structures

  • Includes several pricing structures:
    — 5 standard product-based selling prices
    — Quantity pricing for all selling prices
    — Maximum discount allowable can be set by product, or globally
    — Maximum profit by department / categories can be set with warnings at POS — which can, in turn, be printed to a variance report
    — Set store-wide clearance sale discount percentages
    — Contract prices by customer and by date range
    — Discounts by customer and product department, FLC & Family


Easy Catalogue Management

  • Catalogue pricing with automatic date reset to standard pricing
  • Catalogue reporting clearly indicating sales vs purchases, gross profit, cash flow effect and stock remaining

Promotions Management

  • The ability to load promotions and pricing directly from Buying Group
  • Access to data from promotion disks or from on-line communications established by the Buying Group

Multiple conversion factors

  • Conversion factors can be used where products are bought and sold in different units of measure, eg. Items purchased by roll but sold by the metre, or rack/pack, timber lineal metres or cubic metres, etc.

Many different product usage types

  • Many different usage types are available for the system to deal with different types of products appropriately
  • Ability to automatically generate next available Stock Code number for goods without a suppliers code. This facility will also generate an APN for those products which do not possess one — allowing all products to benefit from the use of barcodes.

Timber-specific products

  • Stock fields for Timber include Height, Width and Pack Quantities — allowing easier inventory management decision making

Barcode reader compatibilities

  • Automatic generation of stock records using the portable barcode readers linked to the supplier details

Easy Data Export / Import functions

  • Export/Import facilities allow the easy manipulation of product data in bulk, eg. A cost price rise from a supplier with Sell Price level recalculation. This will also prompt for the generation of labels when changes are made.


Multiple Store groups + Warehouse configurations handled

  • For multiple store situations you can view up to 998 satellite branch stores, and your warehouse details.
  • Stock On Hand, On Order and Available details can be easily shared across locations — reducing the need for costly inter-store queries.

Seamless integration between Inventory and POS, Debtors, Creditors, Purchase Ordering, Receipting & General Ledger

  • Ability to integrate with POS, Debtors, Creditors, Purchase Ordering, Receipts, and General Ledger — reducing data entry
  • New SYM-PAC Product Search Configurator function — create powerful custom searches for different users or different terminals or different departments. Comprehensive filtering lets users design custom searchs for specific store needs.




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Inventory Management

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