SYM-PAC eDocs - new!

SYM-PAC eDocs - new!

SYM-PAC's new eDocs document handling feature


  • Our new document handling functionality — SYM-PAC eDocs — adds an extra layer of depth and functionality across SYM-PAC's Debtors, Creditors and Payroll.

SYM-PAC eDocs — why is it so great?

  • Put simply, the eDocs system is perfect for businesses with a lot of paperwork — and that’s all of us!
  • SYM-PAC’s eDocs allows electronic filing of all types of electronic documentation — supplier invoices to be paid, employee medical certificates, customer contract agreements, and so on.
  • The beauty of the process here is that SYM-PAC’s eDocs allows you to create an attachment that can then be linked or ‘filed’ with the appropriate supplier, employee or debtor record — within your SYM-PAC system!

From your mail, fax, copier, or email

  • From any network printer or copier than has scanning functionality, you can have your network administrator setup multiple folders for different document types.
  • For example, you might setup multiple folders on your network directory, like:
    — Staff
    — Remittance advices
    — Creditors,
    and so on.
  • Your receptionist or admin staff can save incoming faxes, invoices and so on, to the appropriate directory.
  • These documents now exist in electronic form, waiting in their directories to be processed.
  • Effectively, these directories are like “in trays” waiting for various actions to be taken.

Take action with your documents!

  • When the supplier invoice or remittance advice is processed — for example, paid within Creditors, or receipted within Debtors — you move to the new Attachment Panel screen within SYM-PAC.
  • The Attachment Panel allows you to:
    — Preview the document
    — Rename the document
    — Print the document
    — Email the document...
    and most importantly, ATTACH the electronic document file to the associated Debtor or Creditor it belongs to.

Attach + file at Transaction level

  • Documents can be attached to a particular transaction — for example, a remittance advice to a supplier invoice.

Attach + file at Master Record level

  • Documents can be attached to a particular Creditor, Debtor or Employee  for example:
    An annual leave form to a staff member
    Pictures with an insurance claim to your insurer (creditor)
    Payment plans to an account customer (debtor),
    Contract terms to a supplier (creditor),
    and so on.

Overall ease of use + thoughtful design

  • SYM-PAC has designed this functionality with ease of use in mind and a clear understanding of what store owners and their admin staff want!
  • Mouse-free functionality allows fast data entry operators to work with speed during processing
  • Electronic documents can be selected and processed in batches  ideal for when you’re processing a number of invoices for the same creditor, for example.
  • Transaction level search is enabled so you can easily get hold of the document you need.
  • Thumbnail previews of electronic documents make it easy to quickly recognise the document being processed.

Speed up your staff + remove lost paperwork headaches!

  • When your suppliers’ documents are electronically stored with your Creditors records  your purchasing staff can get on with ordering without running around looking for paper copies.
  • When special contract and pricing arrangements are electronically filed within your Debtor records, your administrative and sales staff can be on the same page when delivering service to your account customers.
  • Simple procedural changes like this can remove your internal paperwork headaches!

Another example of SYM-PAC's ERP design approach

  • SYM-PAC’s eDocs functionality is another example of how we look at all the problems your retail business faces to come up with solutions.
  • Our approach to designing solutions for your business takes into account the time-consuming aspects of your business procedures, and aims to cut these down — providing you with more time and one less problem to deal with!


SYM-PAC eDocs: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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