Multi Store

Multi Store

SYM-PAC Multi Store

SYM-PAC Multi Store 

  •  SYM-PAC Multi Store gives you control of data, control of communication and control of accountability across your business.
  • See what’s going on across the whole of your business — every month, every week, every day — or even every hour if you want to! 

SYM-PAC Multi Store

  • SYM-PAC’s Multi Store capabilities provide a wide range of options.
  • There’s a huge range of data generated by standard, day-to-day trading within any retail operation.
  • With SYM-PAC’s Multi Store in place, you choose what data is shared between the stores and main business administration at Head Office.
  • This process of centrally receiving and sending information provides you with the ability to see what’s going on across the whole of your business — every month, every week, every day — or even every hour if you want to!

The range of Multi Store configuration options

  • Head Office as main store with secondary stores attached.
  •  Attach a Warehouse as part of Head Office, or set up the Warehouse as a separate location.
  • Run your online business as a separate store.
  • The configuration options are wide-ranging and flexible, and designed to be customised to suit your business model.

For Buying Groups or Franchises

  • Configurable for easy access to sales and purchasing data by branches — allowing the Buying Group or Franchise Head Office accurate & powerful information on purchasing to better negotiate supplier pricing for the group.

Centralised Inventory Control

  • Control ranged products
  • Maintain set pricing
  • Set mins/maxes
  • Ensure stock is being used efficiently in all locations

Store Transfers

  • In a Multi Store environment, items can be transferred conveniently and easily between store locations ‘at cost’.
  • Any store can request and transfer items to any other stores within the Multi Store group.

Pricing & Discount Structures

  • Send promotions data, contract pricing, quantity discounts and debtor group discount structures from Head Office to all stores!
  • Change the details *once* at Head Office and make sure all stores using the same pricing and discount information.

Debtors Administration

  • You can choose to administer your Trade and Account Customers from Head Office, having checking in place centrally and achieving economies of scale and consistency across how your accounts are run.
  • Alternatively, you may choose for each store to control administration of Trade Accounts at each location.
  • Either way, the results are transparent and can be seen with a couple of mouse-clicks at Head Office, allowing you to easily identify any anomalies occurring at the Stores.

Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics

  • Run the full range of SYM-PAC’s analysis and results reporting for any individual store, or run reports for all locations.
  • Use SYM-PAC’s Dashboard functionality to see results graphs by store location at a glance.

SYM-PAC Multi Store delivers major benefits to all retailers with multiple locations

  • Imagine the power of setting up your pricing structures *once* at Head Office, and then applying the rules across the inventory held by every store in your group.
  • Imagine being able to run one critical SYM-PAC report — the Monthly Store Performance Report — and be able to see instantly the results and performance for all stores or for any individual store within your group.


SVOS capability — why it is so powerful:

"SVOS" is SYM-PAC's Virtual Online System, a powerful communications system that is designed to cater for large amounts of data being sent back and forth — with safety of trading and data redundancy at the forefront of its design.

Encrypted packets of information are sent via a communications server arrangement, providing all the benefits of a "cloud-like" system, without the drawbacks of your data being held 'hostage' somewhere in the cloud by a third party.

SVOS provides for safety of trading and data redundancy — if one store in the group has lost communications capability, or even Head Office, the other locations can keep trading uninterrupted  with the communications catching up when the problem location is back on the air.



SYM-PAC Multi Store: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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