Fuel Interface

Fuel Interface

SYM-PAC's Fuel Interface — real-time control of fuel dispensers integrated to Point of Sale

SYM-PAC’s integration to the POSTEC Visual Console allows real-time control of fuel dispensers on the forecourt through an easy to use graphical interface.


Pumps are authorised and transactions are easily and accurately transferred from Visual Console to SYM-Pac Point of Sale by simply selecting the sale, either via a mouse click or touching the touch screen.

SYM-PAC Fuel Interface

Maximise Revenues

Increase customer throughput by integrating Visual Console through SYM-PAC Point of Sale.  Allowing fast and accurate processing of forecourt transactions directly into your SYM-PAC system.

Proven Technology

FOCUS has a proven track record with thousands of installations operating reliably out in the field.  Integrating through the SYM-PAC Point of Sale system gives a robust solution for processing of forecourt transactions.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Improve operational efficiencies and productivity with the simple to use visual console allowing your staff to monitor site activity and process sales from the POS terminal without the need to physically access the forecourt.


Through integration to your SYM-PAC Point of Sale logging on to the Visual Console is Automatic and log on details specified in your SYM-PAC logon details.  User profiles are specified to restrict access to various features and management operations based on you user details.


All transactions that are processed on the forecourt are retained until they are processed through Point of Sale.  No forecourt transaction can be Parked, Saved or deleted preventing any fuel sale from not being processed.

Ease of Operation

An easy to use Touch Screen Interface allows customers to be served quickly by simply transferring your forecourt transactions to the Point of Sale by simply selecting the sale on the screen either by “Touching” it or selecting it via the mouse. ensuring that your customer have a pleasurable albeit brief experience in finalising their purchase.

Multiple Operating Modes

FOCUS allows for both Post and Pre Pay operating modes.  The change in operating mode can be scheduled to occur automatically  removing the need for management intervention.

Unattended Sales

Integration to an Outside Payment Terminal (OPT) allows your customers to finalise their purchase without the need to enter your shop.  An OPT also allows your forecourt to remain open with the need for an attendant.  The OPT can process sales via Credit Card as well as your in store debtor cards.


SYM-PAC Fuel Interface: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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