SYM-PAC's Loyalty makes it easy to reward your customers!

  • Reward your customers + let them earn points while shopping with you! SYM-PAC’s Loyalty module makes it easy.
  • Reduces the focus on discounting — instead, customers are rewarded for buying at your store.
  • Gives your customers more reasons to come back to your store rather than the opposition — increasing your sales!
  • Points can accrue by product, department, or by customer group, or at the level you decide for different products in different departments.
  • Print a Voucher automatically when the target is reached — no waiting!

SYM-PAC Loyalty

You are in charge!

  • Manage all your Loyalty points administration without leaving your SYM-PAC system!

SYM-PAC Loyalty

You decide:

  • Conversion of purchase dollars to points
  • Conversion of points to rewards
  • You set the targets that are right for your customers & that you’ll know will be most effective.
  • Points earned can be changed to suit individual store promotions — eg. double or triple points by product — whatever you specify. Many generic programs only allow for additional points on total sale value, or a storewide promotion.

SYM-PAC Loyalty 

Loyalty Vouchers managed easily

  • Loyalty vouchers can be redeemed at Point of Sale & will be reported on your Combined Till Report.
  • Vouchers produced instantly at Point of Sale so you can make a big fuss of the customer then & there on the spot in front of other customers!
  • Extensive reports for Loyalty Transactions & Loyalty Summary
  • Maintenance function in SYM-PAC to edit, delete, manage lost or stolen cards, & so on.
  • Set your own terms & conditions for Loyalty points being redeemed, including a “use by” date if desired.
  • Unused vouchers set (by default) to expire, therefore not leaving you with the commitment to redeem banked up points.

SYM-PAC Loyalty 

Fast — Seamless — Instant

  • Customers have an instant points total when they shop — no need for them to go away & look it up.
  • As information is stored & available onsite at the store, it doesn’t matter if the customer has forgotten their card that day — the points for the new purchase can still be recorded.
  • Can be setup to cater for either a Trade or Retail focus — or both!
  • Doesn’t rely on an external provider holding your data — instant access anytime to customer sales data, GP, shopping visits, points accrued, etc.
  • Communicate immediately with your instant ‘target market’ — the customers in your store!


SYM-PAC Loyalty: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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