Debtors Management

Customers & Debtor Management - updated

Comprehensive Management of everything to do with your Customers!

  • Efficiently and effectively manage customer billing and receipts
  • A wide variety of Invoice and Statement layouts are available to suit your needs
  • SYM-PAC's Customers & Debtor Management design provides a comprehensive database of customer information

Comprehensive & fully featured Debtors control

  • Comprehensive database of customer information
  • Debtor Validation allows you to set a PIN on the customer’s account.
  • Customer transaction updates occur immediately rather than at End of Day, ensuring up to the minute, real time debtor balances and sales / stock reporting.

SYM-PAC Customers & Debtor Management 

  • Customer Barcode Labels for VIP or Trade Cards:
    Customer Barcode Labels can be printed for personalised identification cards, eg. VIP or Trade Cards for your store — ensuring rapid processing of sales continues while at the same time your POS operators are recording valuable marketing data into the system with each sale.
  • Full Invoice History:
    Invoice History gives you the ability to search, view and print any invoices for the debtor.
  • Easy to use extract program lets you create mail merge documents with little fuss.

SYM-PAC Customers & Debtor Management

  • Optional integration with Back Office functions:
    Integration with General Ledger reduces back office and administrative labour.
  • Debtor Account Notes for superior tracking & communications:
    Account Notes gives you the ability to record any accounting information and reminder date for that debtor. This is especially helpful in recording debt collection information with a response date required for follow up.

SYM-PAC Customers & Debtor Management

  • High control of 'Stop Credit' functions:
    Improved control over
    customer accounts by using stop credit flags, and password override at Point of Sale when an account customer is trading outside of their agreed terms.
  • Email different document types to different customer contacts:
    Email addresses can be defined separately for different document types, to allow automatic emailing to


Complete access to your customer data all in one place

  • Delivery addresses & freight charging:
    Delivery addresses can be
    recorded for reliable drop off locations for customers. The customer can also be charged freight for their purchases to be delivered.
  • Easily view Debtor Account History:
    Customer History can be viewed easily to help make management decisions about the account.
  • Transaction drill-down:
    Debtor Transactions gives you the ability to search, view, and print current and outstanding transactions.
  • Account Notes gives you the ability to search, view, and print current and outstanding transactions.

SYM-PAC Customers & Debtor Management

  • Debtor Notes gives you the ability to record any information about the Debtor and insert a reminder date to follow up on that information.
    These notes can also
    automatically display at POS when that customer’s account is selected.
  • Take a quick and easy view of a customer’s monthly sales by using the Sales Graphs option.

SYM-PAC Customers & Debtor Management

  • Sales calls gives you the ability to record any calls make to the customer for sales purposes, with reminder dates for followup.
  • Contracts can be created for a single debtor or customer — or attach a group of customers to a single contract, ensuring consistency of pricing at Point of Sale.

Full reporting & analytics

  • Enormous reporting capabilities, where practical information is presented in a simple-to-use, easy-to-follow format.
  • Calculate interest on overdue accounts with the automated Batch Interest Update option.

SYM-PAC Customers & Debtor Management



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