Auto Email

Auto Email

SYM-PAC Auto Email — Save money. Get paid faster.

SYM-PAC provides full Automatic Emailing functionality!

A standard feature of SYM-PAC’s current software, Auto Email allows immediate & automatic emailing of invoices, quotations and purchase orders from within the system!

Save time!

Save labour costs — cut back on all the time taken to print & fold invoices & statements, as well as stuffing envelopes & trips to the Post Office!

SYM-PAC Auto Email

Save stationery!

Save on stationery costs — reams of paper & hundreds of envelopes each month!

Save postage!

Save on postage costs too.

Get paid faster!

  • SYM-PAC’s Auto Contacts function automatically emails invoices and statements to nominated email contacts at your customer’s head office…
  • Loved by your trade customers — builders, local councils, schools, mining companies — as soon as an employee makes an account purchase, their head office receives a copy of the invoice immediately!
  • Get paid more quickly because there is no wait on paperwork — many account customers are now paying on invoice instead of waiting for the monthly statement.

Customise what you send to who

  • You can decide to Email or Print — or both!

SYM-PAC Auto Email 

Fast reprints!

  • Send requested reprints immediately via email & stop the delay!

SYM-PAC Auto Email

SYM-PAC Auto Email 

Key Features & Benefits

Debtor's accounts are set up with email options to send documents such as:
— Statements
— Invoices
— Delivery Dockets
— Laybys
— CODs
— Customer Orders
— Job Dockets
— Marketing
— Quotes
— Receipts

  • For example, statements can be set to not be printed, but only emailed to a couple of email addresses. Invoices can be printed on the spot as well as emailed to the accounts department.
  • Within Creditor/Supplier File Maintenance this works in the same way. The documents that can be emailed are:
    — Purchase Orders
    — Remittance Advice

SYM-PAC Auto Email 

  • Built-in Alert if an email fails to send.

SYM-PAC Auto Email 

SYM-PAC’s Auto Email... another seamless integration from SYM-PAC — to make your life easier and help you look after your customers.


SYM-PAC Auto Email: download / open brochure now (PDF)



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