SYM-PAC Trade Online

Trade Online

SYM-PAC Trade Online Solutions — another innovation from SYM-PAC to support Mitre 10 stores.

SYM-PAC’s new Trade Online module allows stores to extend the power of their SYM-PAC system to practical online service for their large Trade Customers.



Features your Trade Customers will love!

  • Account Balance enquiry available via SYM-PAC Trade Online, with visibility of credit limit information available under security protocols in place.
  • Account Transaction Enquiry available, with drill down to individual product lines.
  • Account payments online available, via Securepay and Paypal.
  • Trade customers can reprint Invoices and Statements, including visibility of signatures as proof of purchase.
  • Download of Contract Price List available.
  • Download of Forms such as Credit Application, Increased Credit Limit, and so, is available.
  • Product Offers are available on the Login/Landing Page.
  • The solution is mobile & tablet compatible.
  • Trade customers can request a quote, and follow the process through to acceptance & fulfillment.


Online Remote Rep system

  • When Remote Rep is enabled you will have a new Remote Rep option added to the menu.
  • When you access the Remote Rep system you are presented with a list of Customer accounts.
  • These Customer accounts are customers that have been assigned to your Agent code in SYM-PAC.
  • Clicking on a Customer will initiate the Remote Rep system, & from that point forward you are “logged in” as that Customer.
  • The Sitemap will be updated to show clearly that you are in Remote Rep Mode, and give you an option to Log Out.


Combine the power & configure to your specifications:

  • The power of SYM-PAC’s Trade Online solution is that your online product data comes from your SYM-PAC system in-store.
  • One of the major benefits of SYM-PAC’s Trade Online solution is that you are leveraging the existing functionality of product file maintenance, and flexible discount structures — already available in your in-house SYM-PAC system.
  • Using a single source of data eliminates the enormous amount of ongoing labour required to setup & maintain a comprehensive product database for selling online.


Site Hosting & Data Centre coordination:

  • As part of SYM-PAC’s Trade Online solution delivery, SYM-PAC coordinates your site’s hosting requirements for you.
  • Sites are hosted at a third-party, offsite, corporate data centre — providing safety & redundancy for your data and connectivity to your website.
  • Hosting is custom-assessed for each customer according to your size and needs. 


Dominate Trade:
SYM-PAC Trade Online gives you the power to deliver.

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We love bringing practical retail innovation to Australian retailers all over the country.

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