Mitre 10 KVI Integration

Mitre 10 KVI Integration - updated

Mitre 10 KVI Integration with SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic

SYM-PAC’s full integration with Mitre 10’s KVI — Known Value Items:

We’ve worked together with Mitre 10 to join the powerful competitive information — the KVI, Known Value Items — from M10 Head Office with easy & practical application via the SYM-PAC system in-store.

Using SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic, stores can easily introduce competitive data into their SYM-PAC system.

SYM-PAC integration with Mitre 10's KVI

  • Stores can easily explore “what if” scenarios specific to their store, by comparing the competitor prices in the KVI file and looking at the real-life impact their changes will have on Gross Profit for their store if applied.

One powerful example:
In the example shown here, the Mitre 10 KVI Price plus 2.5% has been selected.
The worksheet has been sorted to show the products with the biggest impact at the top.
Note the impact!
If we accept these prices and make the change, we stand to make an extra $3,828.74 Gross Profit!

SYM-PAC integration with Mitre 10's KVI

Key Features & Benefits

  • The data provided can be loaded quickly and easily.
  • Perform “what if” scenarios without updating your pricing — so you can have a good look at what will happen if you make the change.
  • Decide which scenario suits the store requirements.
  • Apply the criteria you decide on.
  • Queue the labels into the Margin Magic queue.
  • Review the labels in the Magin Magic queue, and then release into the default queue.
  • Print and put out the labels.
  • Update the selling price.
  • It’s that simple! Stores can increase their competitiveness and quickly react to the market.

SYM-PAC integration with Mitre 10's KVI

SYM-PAC integration with Mitre 10's KVI 

Harness the power of SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic

  • Margin Magic not only allows you to perform “what if’s” with the Mitre 10 KVI data, but also with the rest of your product file.
  • Margin Magic is a powerful tool for stores to manage their margins quickly and easily in order to increase profitability and turnover.

SYM-PAC integration with Mitre 10's KVI 


SYM-PAC Mitre 10 KVI Integration: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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