Mitre 10 Integration

Mitre 10 Integration - updated

Enjoy seamless integration between SYM-PAC & Mitrecom

SYM-PAC provides you with Direct Integration to Mitre 10's Mitrecom right within your SYM-PAC system.

— Direct Product updates
— Supplier updates
— Promotion updates
— Electronic Invoices
— Fine Line Classes
.. quickly & easily via the internet

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom

  • Download and receipt your warehouse and agency invoices directly in to SYM-PAC
  • Download and receipt MANY invoices and orders — at once! — via our Multi Purchase Ordering module to save time and money
  • Price updates and Comparison Reporting will help you make more margin every day!
  • Product image integration directly to POS and Purchase ordering for ease of product identification
  • Load Electronic Invoices and Transmit Orders to Mitre 10

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom 

  • Collect and process all electronic files from Mitre 10 into the SYM-PAC system
  • Transmit Warehouse and Agency Orders to Mitre 10
  • Place and update Promotional Orders and Files
  • Match Electronic Invoices to your order and Receipt your Order — picking up price changes as you go.
  • Update your selling prices for Warehouse and Agency Suppliers
  • Improve store efficiency through the streamlined Electronic process

Collect and process Mitre 10 Updates:

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom

Process Mitre 10 Updates - Products Updated:

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom


SYM-PAC’s EPG capability gives you the entire Mitre 10 product range at your fingertips.


Transmit orders, collect order confirmations, list & print confirmations:

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom


Data from Mitrecom available in SYM-PAC includes:
• Product Updates (Updates/Full file)
Promotion Updates (New promotions only / Full Promotion File)
FLC Updates (Full file only)
Supplier Updates (Updates / Full file)
Electronic Invoices
Images File


SYM-PAC’s Comparison Report — the integration engine

  • The purpose of the Comparison Report is to compare product information between your SYM-PAC product records and the Mitre 10 EPG product records.
  • Either just report on proposed changes    — OR —
  • Easily take up changes to cost and sell prices, queue resulting price labels, update other data fields (supplier, APN, etc) of stock records — with a click!
  • The Comparison Report integrates directly into Table Magic for ease of price pointing and product management.

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom


Price updates and Comparison Reporting will help you make more margin every day!

SYM-PAC integration with Mitrecom

Wide range of updating options:

The range of updating options provided by SYM-PAC allows you to get the most out of your Mitrecom and make it work for your business.

  • Update RRP from EPG:
    Select this option to use Mitre 10’s recommended retail prices — add a percentage if you like.
  • Change Markups:
    Set the desired mark-up for your products to be the mark-up you’ve selected.
  • Update Stock File:
    Run in Report Mode only, or Update Mode.
  • Use RRP Rounding:
    Apply your rounding routine to recalculate prices.
  • Recalc RRP:
    If you chose not to update your RRP from the EPG, this is the option you should use. The Recalc RRP option will set the RRP according to the desired mark-up set in your product records. Gives you greater control over pricing.
  • Update Source:
    You can choose to update all products from a particular source only. Options are:
    — Warehouse products
    — Direct products
    — Agency products
    — All products
  • Do not Decrease Prices:
    Prevents inadvertent lowering of the sell prices.
  • No Price Changes < 5 cents:
    Stops any price changes less than 5 cents to occur — eliminating wasted time!
  • Supersede (to Transfer Additional Information):
    Move the min/max& bin for the superseded product to the new product.
  • Create Excel Spreadsheet:
    Create a SYM-PAC Table Magic spreadsheet.


SYM-PAC Mitre 10 Mitrecom Integration: download / open brochure now (PDF)



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