Inventory Intelligence

Inventory Intelligence

One of the most powerful Inventory engines on the market

Benefit from one of the most powerful Inventory engines on the market within SYM-PAC’s Retail Management Solution.

SYM-PAC’s huge range of standard Inventory functions, plus retail intelligence tools building on your own store data, gives you a powerful edge for your merchandising.

Suggested Ordering

  • Suggest an order for Warehouse, Agency & Direct, Suppliers.
  • Add items into the TBO (To Be Ordered) system for editing and purchase order creation.
  • Sort and view suppliers to establish if suppliers minimum order values have been met.
  • Saves staff time spent on scanning products into PDAs and PDEs and possible overstocking.
  • Eliminates the need to create manual purchase orders for stock.
  • Uses Stock On Hand and Stock On Order to establish if an order is required.
  • Suggested Order quantities are based on rate of sale.
  • Suggested orders can be given to reps to review and check stock on hand.
  • Ability to set up order tables for suppliers, seasonal products  (for example — watering), and for groups of products (for example — paint).

SYM-PAC Inventory Intelligence

SPI Reporting

SPI = Stock Productivity Index, which is a measure of how efficiently the stock is performing.

  • Quickly identifies products that are performing poorly — for fast & accurate decisions with merchandising strategy.
  • Can be run as a summary and then drill down to specific products by various sorts, for example — by bin location.
  • Identifies products where stock on hand is too high for the rate of sale.
  • Identifies products which have a low gross profit.
  • Identifies products with low stock turns — and also those fast selling products with high stock turns.
  • Gives you the information you need — instantly — to make your stock more productive.

Stock Replenishment

  • Replaces stock sold for a given date range
  • Adds products that need to ordered into the TBO system
  • Used for new stores who may not have sales history or Min Max quantities set
  • Saves ordering time as order is suggested and added to the TBO system

 SYM-PAC Inventory Intelligence

Automated Min/Maxes with Overstock Reporting

  • Set Min Max for a range or ranges of criteria.
  • Set Min Max for a range of suppliers through tables.
  • Fully functional for days stock required and lead times.
  • Reduces time manually setting Min Max by each product, supplier or department.
  • Reports where there are over stocks.
  • Takes into account re-order quantities.
  • Obsoletes slow selling products.
  • Can be run in report mode so you can view what will change.
  • Combined with Suggested Ordering, this process will reduce slow selling inventory and increase better selling inventory.

SYM-PAC Inventory Intelligence

Import & Export Min/Maxes

  • Export data with your selection criteria.
  • Sort data using Excel sort tools.
  • Enter in the Min Max levels.
  • Import back into SYM-PAC and changes are effected immediately.
  • Quick and efficient way to manipulate data.
  • Time saving on keying in products individually.

SYM-PAC Inventory Intelligence


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