EPG Builder - new!

So easy with SYM-PAC's new EPG Builder

So easy with SYM-PAC's new EPG Builder


  • No buying group?
  • Any buying group?
  • Multiple buying groups?

No matter what your buying group, SYM-PAC's new EPG Builder gives you the power to build your own custom product database  within your store's system!


Make the most of your EPG data

As a retailer keeping track of thousands of product lines within your system, it’s critical to have access to the latest product information — including your cost price, margin, sales price and a myriad of other details — for each and every product in your system.


Buying Group or no Buying Group

SYM-PAC’s EPG Builder caters for all the possible scenarios — whether you are with an existing buying group who supplies you with an EPG, or with a group that does not, or with multiple buying groups — this utility allows you easy access to the product details you need at Point of Sale.


Use supplier-provided spreadsheets

  • Use supplier-provided spreadsheets to create your own EPG, which can then be used to update the product master file.
  • Each EPG can contain products from a specific supplier, and can be updated whenever new spreadsheets are received from that supplier.
  • This allows product information to be selected and/or compared at once, instead of manually or individually — such as cost price changes, barcodes, manufacturer codes, and so on — and to all be maintained in an easy way.


Keep your Product Master File slim & in shape!

  • Using an EPG allows you to keep products that you don’t normally range away from your Product Master File, and only call on them when you wish to order a new product from the relevant supplier.
  • The system will recognise the manufacturers’ code or APN as not being in your Product Master File, but available in the EPG — and will prompt you to copy the product into your master file as a new product. 


A simple & easy-to-use EPG Setup process

  • Create a new ‘script’.
  • Link the spreadsheet or text file from the supplier.
  • Link the spreadsheet columns to the SYM-PAC fields.
  • Set your custom business rules — for example, in the screenshot above, Suggested Retail Price is based at fixed 75% markup, then GST is added, and price rounding occurs based on the system rounding rules (already in place).
  • Select Yes to update the EPG and load it straight away.
  • To edit, just select the required supplier from the EPG list supplier icon & go from there!
  • Search the EPG by pressing [F7] [F7] in the product code field & select — very fast at Point of Sale! 



To read more about how the SYM-PAC EPG Builder helps you on the shop floor, click here: [ READ MORE ]



SYM-PAC EPG Builder: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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