Point of Sale

Point of Sale

SYM-PAC's Point of Sale — designed for the way retailers do business

  • Fully integrated to other SYM-PAC modules
  • A complete sales system — designed for the way retailers do business
  • Product images at Point of Sale
  • Signature Pad integration at Point of Sale (for proof of delivery)

SYM-PAC Point of Sale

Features & Benefits

  • Seamless change from Cash sale to Customer Account (Debtor) sale — no need to cancel dockets and re-enter
  • Integrated EFTPOS with all major banks
  • Fast Cash and Account Sale facilities
  • Add new products FAST with hot key access
  • Print customer barcode labels + scan on in-store cards presented at POS — for accurate + efficient tracking of marketing information
  • Hot key access for Customer Accounts (Debtors), COD, Lay-By and Special Customer Order Payments
  • Unlimited text character message for POS dockets — communicate special messages to your customers
  • Multiple tender types — eg. Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards, EFTPOS (including cash outs), and Gift Vouchers — to automate banking reports, including Bank Deposit Lists

SYM-PAC Point of Sale

  • Hot key access for transaction enquiries and customer product history

SYM-PAC Point of Sale

  • Automatic pop-up window to search for customer details
  • Comprehensive Customer Pricing Controls and options

Manage your Tills easily

  • Clear tills part way through the day — bank whenever you need to
  • Track cash taken from the till, with allocation to Expense Summary — for example, stationery, milk, and so on — with password option that can be optionally integrated into the petty cash in General Ledger

Built-in powerful Product Search

  • Powerful Loyalty system integrated with Point of Sale
  • Powerful Product Search options — search by:
    — Word
    — Supplier
    — Department
    — Manufacturers Code
    — EPG
    — APN, and so on.
  • User configurable Product Search, and configurable by terminal

SYM-PAC Point of Sale Product Search

Outstanding functionality for all your needs at POS

  • View statistics in the form of Graphs and Reports for quick analysis of store performance

SYM-PAC Point of Sale

  • New Sales & Performance Calendar feature — customise for your own priorities
  • Park invoices and dockets across the network for access from other terminals — for when customers want goods from multiple areas of the store
  • Customer / Special Orders and Rain Check facilities — allowing recall, re-cost, modify and part deliver — enabling back order facilities to keep track of outstanding deliveries.
  • Print invoices on special POS dockets, plain paper with your logo, or to a 40 column strip printer allowing versatility in presentation of your dockets — or email direct to customers.
  • Convert quotes to customer orders to invoices.
  • Full customer order to purchase order integration & tracking.


SYM-PAC Point of Sale: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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We love bringing practical retail innovation to Australian retailers all over the country.

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