Customer Ordering

Customer Ordering

Customer Ordering — via SYM-PAC TBO

SYM-PAC Customer Ordering

The power of SYM-PAC’s TBO:

... driving SYM-PAC’s Customer Ordering
TBO stands for To Be Ordered — & SYM-PAC’s TBO has a powerful & streamlined design for easy capture of ALL the detail on all orders from right across your system.

3 distinct methods of system-based ordering within SYM-PAC:

  • There are three distinct methods of ‘system based’ ordering within SYM-PAC that all use the TBO:
    The basic Stock Replenishment Report function
    SYM-PAC’s Suggested Ordering system
    Auto Replenishment at Point of Sale
  • In addition to this, the TBO draws information from Product Alter, Product Search and via portable PDE and PDA devices in place.
  • Importantly, SYM-PAC’s design allows Customer Orders to be easily and quickly taken at Point of Sale!
  • Easily combine stock orders with customer orders to streamline ordering and easily pickup FIS (Free Into Store) benefits from minimum dollar amount purchases, and so on.
  • SYM-PAC’s TBO puts ALL your order requirements into one place to easily
    Take action, and
    Maximise your purchasing power

SYM-PAC Customer Ordering

Take Customer Orders directly in Point of Sale

  • Take customer orders directly in Point of Sale and allow your staff to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Enforce good retail business procedures and take a deposit or full payment on the customer order!
  • Immediately generate a Purchase Order
     — OR —
  • Process only to the TBO stage
  • Not only can you send products directly to Purchase Order, you can create an order with multiple products going to multiple Purchase Orders — or to the TBO directly

SYM-PAC Customer Ordering 

Take action with your regular TBO review

  • When completing your regular TBO review the first thing to do is run the Supplier Summary.
  • Take action & generate a Purchase Order for a single supplier
    — OR —
  • Run a Purchase Order for ALL suppliers — and easily review where you will benefit from minimum dollar purchase amounts, and any FIS (Free Into Store) delivery discounts or benefits that you might qualify for.
  • Then run your order — based on min-max, stock replenishment, sales history options, and so on.

 SYM-PAC Customer Ordering

Print, Email, Analyse & Report

  • Print Purchase Orders by Range, and choose to separate products if desired.
  • Generate clear and professional Purchase Orders.
  • Would you like to email now?
    Print Purchase Orders, and choose to automatically email these to suppliers as required.
  • Analyse and report on Customers by Purchase Orders. Choose docket type:
    — Customer Orders
    — Rainchecks
    ... or both.

SYM-PAC Customer Ordering

Comprehensive analysis & reportage at your fingertips

  • Comprehensive analysis and reportage at your fingertips — including a huge range of selection criteria.
  • Report and review:
     Customer Orders x Order #
     Customer Orders x Salesperson
    ... and many more options.
  • Track your Purchase Order back orders and keep on track!
    Report on:
     Date ordered
     Date required
  • Or by:
     Purchase Order number
    ... and so on.

SYM-PAC Customer Ordering 

Batch Customer Order Processing

  • SYM-PAC’s Batch Customer Order Processing function is designed to allow the user to have ALL the information they need on ONE full screen — so they can effectively release the Customer Order or Orders to a Picking List.
  • The Picking List can be printed by:
    —  Customer
    —  Order No.
    —  Bin Location
    —  Product Code
  • You can drill down to the Customer Order or Purchase Order.
  • Data can be sorted by ascending, descending, or by column.
  • View Outstanding Orders being Picked, or cancel the Pick if required.
  • Your clean professional Picking Slip is clear and easy for staff to process.
  • Look up Outstanding Picking Lists with full detail.


  • With every Customer Order you can drill down through the whole document and select any product line for more detail.
  • Click on any underlined Purchase Order reference number to drill down for the detail you need.
  • See the full Purchase Order with all details, including:
    —  product code
    —  manufactures code
    —  product description
    —  quantities
    —  date required
    —  date ETA
    ... and more!

SYM-PAC Customer Ordering

SYM-PAC's Batch Release Customer Order function & ETA Exceptions Report - a real life store example

  • SYM-PAC’s Batch Release Customer Order functionality dramatically improves the management of Customer Back Orders.
  • Will it make a difference? Yes, your customers will notice!
  • One SYM-PAC customer uses this new feature as part of their ongoing, everyday business procedures.
  • Every day, one staff member prints the ETA Exception Report, sorting by Salesperson, and gives the appropriate page to each salesperson at the store.
  • These staff then review and followup on ALL oustanding orders for the customers that they look after.
  • They look at the Required Date, and the Quantity Ordered and Quantity Back Ordered data to ensure that products the customers are waiting on will be available at the right time.
  • Any supply issues are easily highlighted, and the store salesperson can quickly chase a solution for the customer — find the product, suggest a substitute or alternative, and so on.
  • Previously this was managed individually by salesperson, and was a task that was easily missed during any busy day — and additionally, not all staff realise the absolute importance of getting the products to the customer by the Required By date!
  • Now this SYM-PAC function allows better management of the salespeople meeting the needs of these customers — and the store manager and owners can easily run the ETA Exceptions Report for themselves at the end of each week to make sure that staff are on track.


SYM-PAC Customer Ordering: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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