Efficiently manage Invoices, Credits and Payments

SYM-PAC’s Creditors module can act as a standalone module, or can be integrated with Inventory and General Ledger.

Everything you need to manage your Creditors

A comprehensive database of supplier information ensures you have all the information you require in front of you on screen.

  • Automation payment allocation option:
    Automatic allocation of payment against oldest invoices, or the choice to allocate a payment to individual invoices, ensure easier reconciliation of accounts payable.

SYM-PAC Creditors 

  • Release / Hold Payments as required:
    The ability to release or hold invoices for cash requirements listing, allowing for accurate cash flow planning.
  • Creditors Release / Hold function gives you the full picture — showing all invoices from all suppliers at the same — allowing you to see all the information before deciding what to release.

SYM-PAC Creditors 

  • A choice of Days Due for each supplier, eg. 30, 60, 90 or a specific number of days to automate the invoice due date.
  • The option to selectively print cheques during the print run, ensures that only the cheques you want are updated.
  • Central billing facility:
    Central billing facility allows supplier invoices to be billed against the creditor, whilst retaining purchase analysis against the manufacturer ensures accurate reporting.
  • Full Creditors history:
    Full transactional history kept on all Creditors for enquiry purposes means you can review creditor history.

SYM-PAC Creditors 

  • Payment History with the ability to view invoices by cheque, and to enquire on the payment of documents.

SYM-PAC Creditors 

  • The ability to flag creditors and suppliers as no longer trading, and the ability to identify the method of payment.
  • Automatic Bank Payments via a standard ‘ABA’ file, may help to reduce any bank fees associated with printing cheques.

Advanced Creditors reporting:

  • Comprehensive reporting options include:
    —  Supplier Listing
    —  Audit Listing
    —  Transaction Listing
    —  Aged Creditors Trial Balance
    —  Remittance Advice
    —  Cash Requirements
    —  Cash Flow Requirements by week, fortnightly or monthly
    —  Transactions by due date
    —  Cheque Listing
    —  Labels
    —  Free-form Remittance Advices and Cheques

SYM-PAC Creditors 

Full Auto Email functionality:

  • The ability to email Remittance Advices to suppliers upon payment.


SYM-PAC Creditors: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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