PDA Portability

PDA Portability

What does the SYM-PAC PDA functionality do for you?

Saves your valuable time by speeding up the process of keeping your stock in order — while you are walking around your store.

Saves you money by assisting you to easily maintain your shelf pricing, speed up your ordering, and maintain your product details — from the shop floor.

Impress your customers with amazing service as you create a quotation or perform a product enquiry with them as you walk together around the store.

SYM-PAC PDA Integration

You save time!

  • Simply put — you save time because you can easily make changes to your stock information immediately. The PDA functionality means that you don’t have to make notes on scraps of paper as you walk around the store, and then take them back to the computer to enter the changes needed.
  • The PDA is right there on your hip — ready to change a price, ready to queue a label, ready to create an order — and much, much more.
  • From the shop floor, the PDA functionality gives you the ability to fix Min/Max figures and fix supplier information on the fly.
  • You can stand and scan a bin, and verify the information straight away. When the product and the shelf are right in front of you it’s easy to see a problem — and with the PDA you can fix the problem immediately.
  • And the potential time savings that the PDA delivers for your Stocktake processes are enormous.
  • At a recent installation, the usual time allocated to stocktake a medium sized store (with a 7-user SYM-PAC system), was halved.Previously this store had used PDEs for stocktaking, but the use of 3 new PDA devices cut the stocktaking time — and the labour expense — in half.

What functionality does the PDA have?

  • SYM-PAC delivers portability with a wireless ‘batch’ process technology. The advantage of this is that you do not need to be within wireless range to use the device, you only require wireless connectivity when you need to synchronise data. The forms displayed can be custom configured, so talk to us about what you do or don’t want to be displayed.
  • The PDA is capable of storing your entire product file and supplier file.


  • Stock take your products by bin.
  • Review the product data while you stocktake.
  • When you have finished a bin simply send the data to the PC where it is immediately added to the stock-count area on each product and the bin location of each product is updated.
  • All you need to do next is print the stocktake variation report, review it, and complete the stocktake update for the bin.

Stock Adjustment:

  • Correct the stock on hand of a single product while you are on the shop floor (i.e. found an empty packet).

SYM-PAC PDA Integration 

Customer Orders:

  • Easily create Customer orders using the SYM-PAC PDA.
  • Orders are sent directly to your stores active customer order list for easy invoicing.

Inwards Goods:

  • Receipt goods in for any number of delivery dockets and then send them to the PC.
  • Receipt against these electronic delivery records can then be receipted against in the same way as for a PDE.

SYM-PAC PDA Integration 


  • Create orders and then send them to the PC as purchase orders and import them into your TBO system.

Product Alter:

  • Change all of these fields while walking around the store!
  • Better yet — you can shop out a competitor, change your pricing to suit while in their store, then come back to your business and update the changes!

Queue Labels:

  • If you identify incorrect prices on the shelf or worn/missing labels, simply queue a new one.

SYM-PAC PDA Integration

Product Enquiry:

  • Always handy to be able to enquire on products while you walk around the store.


  • Create a quote for your customer easily from anywhere within the store.

Catalogue Maintenance:

  • Easily update the sell price of a product.

Gap Management:

  • Determine why products are not being included in your Suggested Ordering and fix the problem at the source.
  • Gap Management comes with a report of changes and comments that print out automatically when the Gap Management file is sent to the PC.

SYM-PAC PDA Integration 


SYM-PAC Portability - PDA: download / open brochure now (PDF)


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