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Margin Magic

Margin Magic — one of the most powerful tools we've built for retailers

SYM-PAC’s Margin Magic module is one of the most powerful tools we’ve ever built to help retailers apply the magic to their margins.

Margin Magic gives you the power of a spreadsheet built directly into your system — reacting to your data — live!


Pricing & Discounts

Managing your Pricing, Discounts, Catalogues & Contracts

  • The way that SYM-PAC systems handle account group discounting systems via the Debtor Matrix and Contracts Module will revolutionise the way your store does business with your Cash and Account customers. This module gives you the ability to control exactly how and where you offer discounts and on what products.


CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM - Customer Relationship Management



SYM-PAC's Loyalty makes it easy to reward your customers!

  • Reward your customers + let them earn points while shopping with you! SYM-PAC’s Loyalty module makes it easy.
  • Reduces the focus on discounting — instead, customers are rewarded for buying at your store.


Customers & Debtor Management - updated

Comprehensive Management of everything to do with your Customers!

  • Efficiently and effectively manage customer billing and receipts
  • A wide variety of Invoice and Statement layouts are available to suit your needs
  • SYM-PAC's Customers & Debtor Management design provides a comprehensive database of customer information


Auto Email

SYM-PAC Auto Email — Save money. Get paid faster.

SYM-PAC provides full Automatic Emailing functionality!

A standard feature of SYM-PAC’s current software, Auto Email allows immediate & automatic emailing of invoices, quotations and purchase orders from within the system!


Customer Ordering

Customer Ordering — via SYM-PAC TBO



"We love how SYM-PAC handles timber!"

Consistent feedback from all SYM-PAC users who sell Timber: we love how SYM-PAC handles timber!


SYM-PAC Online Solutions

Further innovation from SYM-PAC to help stores take it to the next level

SYM-PAC’s latest Online module allows stores to extend the power of their SYM-PAC system to achieve a practical online presence!

Delivers functionality at multiple levels — allows you to provide convenience to your Account & Trade customers, *and* sell online — all within your in-store SYM-PAC system.


Integrated EFTPOS

Integrated EFTPOS at SYM-PAC’s Point of Sale removes the need to worry about key punch errors into the pinpads, costing money each day.


Sales Orders

SYM-PAC's Customer Sales Orders functionality receives data from the Point of Sale module and maintains sales information for both Customers and Products.


Point of Sale

SYM-PAC's Point of Sale — designed for the way retailers do business

  • Fully integrated to other SYM-PAC modules
  • A complete sales system — designed for the way retailers do business
  • Product images at Point of Sale


Signature Pads

Integration to Signature Pads

Features + Benefits

  • Proof of purchase in-store easily able to be verified by a client head office or administration function


PDA Portability

What does the SYM-PAC PDA functionality do for you?

Saves your valuable time by speeding up the process of keeping your stock in order — while you are walking around your store.


Promotional Purchase Ordering - updated

Ordering Buying Group Promotional Offers is simple — and fast — with SYM-PAC's Promotional Purchase Ordering

The ease of use of SYM-PAC’s Promotional Purchase Ordering, together with the richness of the information available, allows you to make intelligent purchasing decisions — resulting in a more productive inventory and better results for your store promotions. 


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Proudly Australian

We love bringing practical retail innovation to Australian retailers all over the country.

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