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Betta & SYM-PAC announce ERP solutions delivery

BSR Group & SYM-PAC Solutions announce ERP solutions delivery implementation for 200+ stores across Australia

An exciting announcement!

The BSR Group and SYM-PAC Solutions have announced an ERP solutions delivery project for the group, to be implemented in excess of 200 Betta Home Living stores across Australia in coming months.


What SYM-PAC's EPG Builder can do for you

What is the SYM-PAC EPG Builder & what can it do for you?

SYM-PAC's new EPG Builder gives you the power to build your own custom product database...

For starters, what is an EPG? An EPG is an Electronic Product Guide.

As a retailer keeping track of thousands of product lines within your system, it’s critical to have access to the latest product information — including your cost price, margin, sales price and a myriad of other details — for each and every product in your system.


HAVT Industry Awards 2015

HAVT Industry Awards 2015

It was a privilege to be a sponsor of the HAVT Industry Awards for 2015. Many hardworking timber and hardware stores across Victoria and Tasmania were recognised for excellence and achievement by their peers in the industry.


SYM-PAC's User Group for the Mitre 10 Expo - Feb'15

It's all about the customer!

A fantastic User Group event to kick off the Mitre 10 Expo this year!

Nearly 100 attendees from Mitre 10 and True Value stores all over the country participated in this year’s event.


It's all about the customer: Mitre 10 Expo '15

Another great Mitre 10 Expo: Building Successful "Consumer Driven" Independents

There’s nothing like an energetic buying group conference at the start of the year to charge us up for the year ahead! Especially one where the focus is on CUSTOMERS.

Thanks to everyone for another wonderful Mitre 10 Expo on the Gold Coast.

— Glenn Watkinson (left) with Shirley & Frank Russell (award winners!), Smith Bros True Value Hardware, Blackall QLD, and Nicky Johnson (far right)


An invitation for all Mitre 10 stores

SYM-PAC User Group @ the Mitre 10 Expo 2015

 Looking forward to another Mitre 10 Expo? — we are!

So, we’re holding another SYM-PAC User Group  and all Mitre 10 and True Value stores are invited!


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