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Exciting Announcement : SYM-PAC Solutions under new ownership

SYM-PAC Solutions under new ownership

Exciting Announcement : SYM-PAC Solutions under new ownership

We are excited to announce that as of early October 2016, SYM-PAC Solutions is under new ownership and is now part of publically listed Constellation Software through its Friedman Operating Group.

As part of the acquisition, SYM-PAC Solutions will operate as an independent division of the Friedman Operating Group in Australia, and we will continue to service all of our current customers across Australia.

25 years for SYM-PAC in 2016

Established in 1991 by Graeme Wilson, SYM-PAC celebrates 25 years of being in business in 2016. We celebrate 25 years of providing innovative and practical business solutions to hundreds of stores across Australia — which will proudly continue into the future.

We congratulate Graeme and the Wilson family’s sale of the business and acknowledge the heritage that has been created, far beyond the original “tech startup” in an old milk bar in 1991! Every single day, thousands of SYM-PAC users get their jobs done and get on with business — thanks to their SYM-PAC system.

Opportunities open up for SYM-PAC

“This is an exciting development for SYM-PAC,” says Mark Schmutter, General Manager of SYM-PAC Solutions, “and an exciting development for SYM-PAC’s customers too.”

“The strategic and operational support provided by Friedman will allow us to extend our market reach, as well as facilitate our continued development of the SYM-PAC suite of products. This opens up a well of resources that we’ll have access to for future development, new innovation that will deliver benefits, and complementary new offerings we’ll be able to introduce to our customers. ”

“We look forward to the ongoing successful growth of SYM-PAC into the future, and the continued strength of our ongoing business relationships with our customers, which are at the heart of what drives SYM-PAC’s business,” said Mark.

Ian Whiting, Director of Friedman Software Australia, commented — “The acquisition of SYM-PAC Solutions builds on our meaningful presence in the Australia and Asia-Pacific region, and extends our footprint in the timber & hardware, rural & agribusiness, electrical appliance, and construction & industrial distribution sectors.”

Friedman Software Australia are long term “buy and hold” investors, with brands, offices and staff preserved. SYM-PAC will now benefit from having a very large company behind it with a big supportive growth focus.

Large company strength with small company responsiveness

What we’re aiming for is simple — large company strength with small company responsiveness. One of SYM-PAC’s strengths has always been our close working relationships with our client base, and this will continue unchanged.

Long term investment in SYM-PAC by Friedman Software Australia indicates a significant vote of confidence in our offerings, and protects the customers, the employees, and ultimately benefits the industries served as well.

Business as usual — but business beyond usual

“It will be business as usual for SYM-PAC customers and suppliers,” says Mark Schmutter, “though in many ways this is the beginning of a whole new world of opportunity for us and our clients.”

“In the meantime, we’ll continue to develop SYM-PAC’s software in-house, and continue to service and support our range of business solutions in order to provide the best experience, and a critical competitive edge, for all our customers.”

Who are Friedman Software Australia?

The Friedman Operating Group is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, USA, and is an Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc. Friedman specialises in complete ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors of “make to order” and “engineer to order” products in the building products, capital equipment, and automotive sectors.
Friedman Software Australia also has a complementary portfolio of software offerings for apparel retailers, textile designers, transportation management, material optimisation, supply-chain management, multi-channel merchant and direct-to-consumer distribution.

About Constellation Software Inc.

Constellation’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CSU”. Constellation acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses. Further information about Constellation may be obtained from the company’s web site at


  • What does this change of ownership mean f or SYM-PAC customers?

    At SYM-PAC we will be operating as business as usual! You will be speaking to the same people at SYM-PAC that you have been talking to for years, and we will continue to be providing the best possible service for your needs.

  • Will I continue to work with my key contacts at SYM-PAC?

    Yes, you will have the same contacts at SYM-PAC.

  • Will there be any disruption to the services provided by SYM-PAC?

    No, we don’t anticipate any disruption to the services you are currently using at SYM-PAC.

  • Will there be any changes to contact details?

    No, there will be no changes to any existing contact details. You can continue to reach Client Services on 1300 361 732, the Sales line on 1800 796 722, and Head Office on 03 5623 0200.

  • Who can I speak to for more information about this acquisition?

    If you have a need to discuss any of the information in more depth, please contact your current contact at SYM-PAC. If you’re not sure who you should speak to, please contact Head Office on 03 5623 0200 to direct your enquiry.


Exciting Announcement : SYM-PAC Solutions under new ownership


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